Season 4

Episode Guide

How to Split an Atom

S4 E1
May 23, 2024
Kristen learns the details of Leland’s evil scheme involving her ovum, and Sheryl’s involvement in the plot increases the tension between mother and daughter. Meanwhile, David, Ben, and Kristen are sent to investigate a particle accelerator suspected to be a gateway to Hell.

How To Train A Dog

S4 E2
May 30, 2024
Kristen, David, and Ben look into a possible werewolf attack that isn’t what it seems. Andy grapples with his mysterious trauma, while Ben uses science to solve his Jinn problem.

How To Slaughter A Pig

S4 E3
Jun 6, 2024
Kristen's surrogacy faces complications, and the team visits a pig farm.

How To Build A Coffin

S4 E4
Jun 13, 2024
Andy is pushed to deadly measures as the team investigates a speech demon.

How To Fly An Airplane

S4 E5
Jun 20, 2024
The team visits the Vatican as sinister forces besiege the Bouchard house.

How To Dance In Three Easy Steps

S4 E6
Jun 27, 2024
Sheryl reaches her breaking point with Leland.

How To Dress A Wound

S4 E7
Jul 4, 2024
Ben begins to question his sanity, impacting his relationship with Renee.

How To Save A Life

S4 E8
Jul 11, 2024
Sheryl takes action to prevent a catastrophic event.

How To Build…

S4 E9
Jul 18, 2024
The team looks into bizarre text messages. Sheryl tries to beat Leland.