Season 4

Episode Guide

A World Without You

S4 E1
Jul 6, 2015
Emma's decision to pick Jax triggered an unusual break - and Emma is now the only person who can remember Daniel.

Road Trippin'

S4 E2
Jul 7, 2015
When a magical P.I. has a lead on Daniel's location, the gang takes a road trip to the Everglades to find him.

Ever in the Everglades

S4 E3
Jul 8, 2015
Emma finally finds Daniel and tries to get him to remember their life together. And the gang tours the Everglades in an airboat.

Stuck in a Storm

S4 E4
Jul 9, 2015
Katie, Sophie and Gigi are lost in the Everglades as a big storm approaches - and an unexpected visitor turns up to rescue them.

A Tale of Two Lives

S4 E5
Jul 10, 2015
Emma triggers another Continuum Break, which puts Daniel and his entire family in danger.

Twisted Sister

S4 E6
Jul 13, 2015
Emma tries her best to restore Daniel's memory but time is running out. Jax meets his long lost sister.

Lunch at Lola's

S4 E7
Jul 14, 2015
In a special crossover episode the gang heads to Lola's and has a magical encounter with Talia.

Monkey Face Emoji

S4 E8
Jul 15, 2015
Daniel thinks that Maddie is his girlfriend. And Jax searches for information about his mother.

The Final Countdown

S4 E9
Jul 17, 2015
Jax learns the truth about his family. Emma does everything she can to restore Daniel's memory in the few hours he has left.

Diego's Wipedown

S4 E10
Jul 20, 2015
After the Continuum Break ends, Emma works hard to restore her relationship with Jax. Maddie tries to get Diego to forgive her.

Van Pelt Reunion

S4 E11
Jul 21, 2015
Emma misses her mother and becomes consumed with finding out more about her. An unwelcomed guest shows up at the Van Pelt reunion.

Back to Square One

S4 E12
Jul 22, 2015
Emma considers going back in time to save her mother. Daniel wants to return to the Everglades. Jake and Jessie go into hiding.

Power in a Bottle

S4 E13
Jul 23, 2015
Jax finds out where Jake and Jessie are hiding. Emma continues to abuse her magic and strips the Council of their powers.

What If?

S4 E14
Jul 24, 2015
Emma's search for a time manipulation spell causes a huge rift between her and Andi. Diego searches for more Kanays.


S4 E15
Jul 27, 2015
Emma works to become more powerful in order to cast the time manipulation spell, even though it means alienating all of her friends. Jake attempts to see his family again.

Stop Emma

S4 E16
Jul 28, 2015
Emma's friends decide they must stop her for good. Jake has surprising information for Jax.

Mommie Dearest

S4 E17
Jul 29, 2015
The gang stages a "Witchervention" for Emma. Jax finally learns the truth about his family.

A Girl's Sacrifice

S4 E18
Jul 30, 2015
Emma's plans go horribly awry and it's up to her friends to save her - and the Realm. Later, Emma is forced to make several tough decisions.