Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide


S1 E1
Mar 22, 2023
Series Premiere. Disgraced archaeologist Rip Digman attempts to make a comeback with the help of his overachieving student, Saltine, by searching the world over for one of history's greatest lost treasures: Hammurabi's Hat.

Et Tu

S1 E2
Mar 29, 2023
Rip, Saltine, and Swooper travel to Venice to look for a historical batch of confetti, but find themselves embroiled in a mystery involving secret organizations, curses, gondoliers, and the knife Brutus used to kill Caesar.

Fear of GAWD

S1 E3
Apr 5, 2023
When Rip accidentally destroys the Ten Commandments, humanity devolves into chaos, forcing Rip to hunt for the back-up set of commandments. Meanwhile, Quail Eegan's new A.I. device gains sentience.

The Arky Gala

S1 E4
Apr 12, 2023
Rip and Saltine attend the Arky Gala, the most glamorous event of the year, where Saltine makes an unlikely friend. But their reverie is shattered when the gala is taken hostage by a ragtag group of criminals.

The Mile High Club

S1 E5
Apr 19, 2023
While searching for Amelia Earhart's plane, Rip and the gang find themselves taken aboard a floating airship in the sky, where Swooper finds a great new opportunity, Agatha finds romance, and Rip and Saltine find a lot of trouble.

Shakespeare's Lost Sonnet

S1 E6
Apr 26, 2023
Rip must go undercover to find Shakespeare's Lost Sonnet -- a poem so romantic that hearing it makes you orgasm. But when Rip finds himself under the spell of a charismatic actor, will he stick to the mission or will he get in too deep?

The Puff People

S1 E7
May 3, 2023
When Rip gets a hot lead on the Holy Grail, he heads off by himself in search of a mysterious realm. Saltine reluctantly teams up with Zane to track down Rip and return him to safety.

The Grail

S1 E8
May 10, 2023
It's the Grand Opening of Quail Eegan's new museum -- and Rip Digman will stop at nothing to infiltrate it. Meanwhile, Saltine must delve into the seedy underbelly of the Arky world in order to learn the truth about a dangerous artifact.