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Johnny Sequoyah
Played by Johnny Sequoyah

Audrey is the brash and opinionated adopted teenage daughter of Indigenous single mom Police Chief Angela Bishop. Popular at school, Audrey is always the first to rally her classmates to protest injustice in their community. And she’s never afraid to speak her mind, no matter who it might offend, which sometimes makes for trouble with her mother.   

Actress Johnny Sequoyah stars in the upcoming miniseries Dexter: New Blood.   
Sequoyah previously starred in J.J. Abrams and Alfonso Cuaron’s NBC fantasy series Believe opposite Kyle MacLachlan and Delroy Lindo. She played the lead character Bo, a prodigy child who has come to save the world.  

Sequoyah got her start in film Among Ravens, starring opposite Amy Smart, Joshua Leonard and Will McCormick.  She appeared in such films as comedy Ass Backwards from Casey Wilson and June Raphael and Windwalkers with Glen Powell, Zane Holtz and Kiowa Gordon. She also starred in festival darling Undercut with Jasmine Savoy Brown.   
Sequoyah was born and resides in Los Angeles; she was raised between California, Idaho and NYC where her family comes from. Her parents are activists and filmmakers and she was raised on the sets of documentary and feature films, learning to tell stories from a young age.