Season 3

Episode Guide

Show Us Your Hand

S3 E1
May 2, 2023
AJ is back for another couples retreat and has invited six couples whose love lives have been splashed across the headlines to take a gamble on their love in Las Vegas!

Social Media-tor

S3 E2
May 9, 2023
AJ's attempt to dig a little deeper with Chris & Bre-Z goes up in smoke. The couples face their public perceptions head on. Falynn opens up about her divorce. Fatboy admits he may be gambling on more than just his relationship in Vegas.

Back To Bae-sics

S3 E3
May 16, 2023
Kendra vents to Shamari and reveals why Joc is the only child she wants to deal with. Tiana finds some troubling messages on Fatboy's phone. Falynn & Jaylan's past traumas come to the surface, leaving AJ to wonder about their relationship.

Hot Seat, High Horse

S3 E4
May 23, 2023
The couples are ridin' dirty in the desert. AJ & Tony try to help Fatboy & Tiana get back in the saddle. Bre-Z & Chris accuse AJ of fanning the flames on their relationship. Jaylan & Falynn wonder if they'll grow out of their stunted relationship.

Sex & Spandex

S3 E5
May 30, 2023
Jaylan & Falynn's relationship is close to going up in smoke, but after a night of sexy fun and some smooth moves the two rekindle their flame. Joc & Kendra get more than they bargain for when AJ shares one of her most intimate moments with them.

New Edition, Old Story

S3 E6
Jun 6, 2023
When Ronnie's work causes him to take a hiatus from the retreat, AJ tries to work out what's really going on with Shamari. Apollo opens up about prison, but it leaves Sherien feeling like she's the one doing time.

All Fun & Games Until...

S3 E7
Jun 13, 2023
Joc & Kendra revisit a moment in their relationship to see if they can look at it from a different perspective. As Sherien is about to give up on Apollo, he opens up about his prison experience. AJ & Tony arrange for a special guest to roast the couples.

Let's Get It Crackin'

S3 E8
Jun 20, 2023
Shamari & Ronnie shock everyone when they demonstrate how much the OG's can spice things up. Fatboy must get his love of gambling under control, or risk losing Tiana. Falynn & Jaylan take a hard look at boundaries and owning their truth.

Come On, Baby, Light My Fire

S3 E9
Jun 27, 2023
Falynn is confronted by more headlines about her past. AJ and Tony prepare a wilderness therapy workshop, where emotions hit an all-time high. And Bre-Z and Chris open up more about their relationship, but a deeper issue is stirred.

Vow & Forever?

S3 E10
Jun 27, 2023
After an emotional breakthrough, Bre-Z realizes she has more healing to do. Falynn drops a bomb that leaves Jaylan with a big decision to make. After exchanging new vows, will everyone be celebrating a new lease on love or will some fly home solo?