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Season 2022

Episode Guide

"Her Majesty the Queen: A Gayle King Special"

S2022 E11
Jun 02, 2022
"Her Majesty the Queen: A Gayle King Special" celebrates Queen Elizabeth II's unprecedented 70-year reign and looks ahead to the future of the British monarchy. The one-hour special features interviews with best-selling author and royal expert Tina Brown and Sir Paul McCartney who talks about his lifelong admiration for the queen. The special airs on Thursday, June 2 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS and will be available to stream on the CBS News app and Paramount+.

Undeniable: The Truth to Remember

S2022 E0
Jan 29, 2022
Holocaust survivor Ruth Steinfeld shares her harrowing story with a group of students from a Texas school that doesn't teach the history of the slaughter of 6 million Jews, helping the teens embark on an emotional journey of discovery. Woven through the special are the heart-wrenching and hopeful stories Rose and Arthur Gelbart, child-survivors now married for 66 years, and Pieter Kohnstam who was babysat by Anne Frank. Survivor Lily Ebert a viral sensation on TikTok with her message NEVER FORGET (it could happen again).