Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Day By Day

S1 E1
Jan 06, 2023
In the wake of George Floyd's murder, tension roils between pro and anti-police factions in Minneapolis. In predominantly black North Minneapolis crime rates have risen to their highest in decades. At North High School, football is a bright spot. The coaches work endlessly to earn a championship, create college opportunities, and most of all, keep their kids safe. The biggest challenge facing the North High coaches: they're all police officers. Series premiere.

We Get Better and Better

S1 E2
Jan 13, 2023
As the North High Polars try to redeem themselves after a heartbreaking loss, the coaches play defense at work. As calls to defund the police ring out worldwide, Councilman Jeremiah Ellison leads a charge to dismantle the Minneapolis Police department. With the upcoming vote rapidly approaching and the season hanging by a thread, the coaches must assess the needs of the team and the community and stage a comeback on multiple fronts.

Until We Can't Be Beat

S1 E3
Jan 20, 2023
Football and election season become intertwined as North High marches toward the championship and the coaches go on the offensive to defeat a vote to defund the Minneapolis Police department. As violence continues to rock North Minneapolis, all eyes are on Election Day and the impending State Tournament.

Won't Be Beat

S1 E4
Jan 27, 2023
With the regular season and election behind them, it's win or go home for the Polars in the State Tournament. As the team looks toward a seemingly bright future, horrific tragedy strikes the North Minneapolis community, leaving the neighborhood searching for answers. Series finale.