Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

The Marathon Begins

S1 E1
Aug 14, 2019
Coming straight out of Compton, world-renowned tattoo artist KP "IAM COMPTON" Kirkpatrick is attempting to open up the first tattoo shop in Compton. But with the tragic murder of Nipsey Hussle, KP can't ignore the parallels between him and Nip. Moving forward to open the shop could make KP a target of the Compton gang culture, and the stakes to give back to the community that raised him suddenly become life or death.

The Era of Hope

S1 E2
Aug 21, 2019
KP has a hard time deciding what to do about the shop while Danielle and Lemeir prep for their baby. Vudu has a meltdown and Nessie finds herself in some boy trouble.

Opening Up

S1 E3
Aug 28, 2019
Red tape brings KP's ambitions to a grinding halt, as the grand opening party looms. Lemeir and Danielle receive heart-wrenching news from the doctor about the pregnancy. Barbie gets an unwelcome surprise and Vudu reveals dark secrets from her past.

Cheers, Cheers to Three Musketeers

S1 E4
Sep 04, 2019
IAMCompton is officially open and business is booming. But street violence pops off outside the shop and shatters the day. Lemeir goes missing in action. KP hires a new young artist, inciting a head-to-head standoff between Tim and Lemeir.

The Naked Truth

S1 E5
Sep 11, 2019
As KP tries to boost shop morale with a team photo shoot, Lemeir is faced with more problems at home, and the tension between Vudu and Alana reaches a boiling point.

Big Bear, Oh My!

S1 E6
Sep 18, 2019
KP decides to take the crew out of Compton to fix their issues with each other. Tensions arise when Tim's belligerent behavior hits his peak, and the girls find some unexpected fun in the middle of Big Bear.

Big Bear Jail

S1 E7
Sep 25, 2019
Barbie's in Big Bear jail, Vudu wandered off alone into the woods and Nessie's sobering up with a major case of regret. Scout Leader KP is determined to bring his crew together with both indoor and outdoor activities.

Granny Off Her Rocker

S1 E8
Oct 02, 2019
KP and the team return from their camping trip to find the shop has been robbed. Danielle and Lemeir prepare for their upcoming doctor's appointment. Ink and Alana start a new romance and Barbie surprises the team more than once.

Yahwea Or The Highway

S1 E9
Oct 09, 2019
KP severs ties with Barbie for good. Lemeir's mom is in town and he considers how to pop the question to Danielle. Barbie seeks revenge on Nessie by attacking the one thing she cares about most.

You Can't Run From The Devil

S1 E10
Oct 16, 2019
Vudu travels to Washington to confront her abusive, cult-leader stepfather and things take an unexpected turn. Lemeir and Danielle head to the hospital -- their baby girl is on the way! KP and the IAM team host a kids' event at the shop.