Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Big Brother: Over The Top - Episode 1

S1 E1
Oct 6, 2016
It's been a crazy first week in the BB:OTT house! Who rose to power? Who was nominated? And who will be the first evicted?

Big Brother: Over The Top - Episode 2

S1 E2
Oct 13, 2016
It's been an explosive week in the Big Brother house! Fights erupted, power shifted and new targets emerged!

Big Brother: Over The Top - Episode 3

S1 E3
Oct 20, 2016
One new Head of Household, two vetoes and a third houseguest evicted live!

Big Brother Over The Top - Episode 4

S1 E4
Oct 27, 2016
BB18's Paul brings some much needed Friendship to the BB house, but it doesn't last for long as the two sides continue to war! Which alliance will lose a member at the eviction?

A Superfan Kisses BB:OTT Goodbye

S1 E5
Nov 3, 2016
The two sides of the house continue their struggle for power, but will America's votes drive the wedge even further between the BB:OTT Houseguests?

The Sisters Fight For Their Lives On BB:OTT

S1 E6.1
Nov 10, 2016
It's been a crazy week in the Big Brother: Over the Top house and all the drama leads to a heated confrontation that leaves alliances reeling.

Double Eviction Shakes Up The BB:OTT House

S1 E6.2
Nov 11, 2016
An unpredictable and emotional night culminates in two Houseguests exiting the house for good.

A New Alliance Emerges

S1 E7
Nov 17, 2016
After a shocking double eviction, the final six struggle for power!

The Final Veto Rocks The House

S1 E8
Nov 24, 2016
Will the Late Night Jamboree or Ball Smashers prevail? Who will be eliminated? Watch the drama unfold!

The Battle Of The Final Four

S1 E9
Nov 30, 2016
The final four go to battle in the penultimate episode of Big Brother Over the Top!

Big Brother Over The Top Crowns A Winner

S1 E10
Dec 2, 2016
It all comes down to this... which Houseguest did you choose to win BBOTT: Jason, Kryssie or Morgan?