Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide


S1 E1
Oct 5, 2023
Juyoung and Hyungsoo meet for the first time in room 506. Hyungsoo bargains the price for Juyoung and goes into the bathroom. Meanwhile, Juyoung makes a peculiar phone call with someone and tells Heesook about the appointment.

The Detective and the Kidney

S1 E2
Oct 5, 2023
The auction room is in complete mayhem. Juyoung attempts to negotiate with Heesook, suggesting that they kill the boss and escape together to no avail.

7 Million Dollars

S1 E3
Oct 5, 2023
The first floor's exits are all blocked; Juyoung breaks through the emergency exit and disappears alone. Hyungsoo makes it to the second floor with Geukryul's help. They desperately run for their lives from Mr. Min and Bookwan.

Panic Room

S1 E4
Oct 5, 2023
The six bidders who'd been hiding in the storage room show themselves. When they learn that Hyungsoo is a detective, they become more suspicious.

Gun, Money and Lies

S1 E5
Oct 5, 2023
Once they escape the storage room with the bidder, Juyoung and Hyungsoo arrive in the janitor's room and watch a Koryo-saram die. As she takes the gun, Juyoung tells the story of her past.

Zero Sum

S1 E6
Oct 5, 2023
Juyoung kills the boss and Hyungsoo kills Heesook. They find a safe with morphine. They also find the safe with cash with Geukryul's help. After packing up the money and morphine, Hyungsoo and Juyoung leave Geukryul behind.