Season 9

Episode Guide

How Far Would You Go For Love? Part 1

S9 E1
Jan 18, 2023
Love connections instantly spark when 22 unlucky in love singles from around the world move into a house in the Canary Islands to see if they can find their perfect match and win $1 million.

How Far Would You Go For Love? Part 2

S9 E2
Jan 18, 2023
A night one couple separates and moves on to new connections while other couples think they have found 'the one.' Pressure boils when romantic connections are put to the test at the first Match Up Ceremony.

Rollercoaster Relationships

S9 E3
Jan 25, 2023
After a heartbreaking match up ceremony, some singles struggle to explore new connections while others make selfish decisions that affect the rest of the house. Honest conversations about wants and needs lead to hurt feelings.

Love Is Heaven, Finding It Is Hell

S9 E4
Feb 1, 2023
A house party sparks new romantic connections, and a love triangle begins to form when one single second guesses their night one connection.

Wants And Needs

S9 E5
Feb 8, 2023
A truth booth reveal shakes up the house, leaving one couple in an awkward love triangle. Another couple is forced to end their relationship after pressure from the house begins to weigh in on them.

Down The Rabbit Hole

S9 E6
Feb 15, 2023
When the singles let loose at a party, jealousy threatens to keep one couple from going on their getaway date. Frustration arises when the house realizes that only one of their strongest couples can be a perfect match.

It Takes One To Know One

S9 E7
Feb 22, 2023
Surprise visitors give the singles advice and insights into what it takes to find their perfect match. A Truth Booth reveal changes the dynamics in the house.

Striking Out

S9 E8
Mar 1, 2023
In an unprecedented moment, Kamie reveals a perfect match at the match up ceremony. A favorite couple finally learns their fate. Another couple undoes their breakup.

Kiss and Tell

S9 E9
Mar 8, 2023
Will faces the consequences of trying to keep his relationship with Courtney while looking for his perfect match. The house lets loose and shares hidden talents.

You Were The One

S9 E10
Mar 15, 2023
After weeks of debating with each other about how to find their matches, the singles band together and make their riskiest effort yet at finding true love.