Season 2

Episode Guide

She's Faking It

S2 E1
Jun 15, 2018
Ramadan has begun, and Ahamed is struggling to stay focused while fasting in the Season 2 premiere of this series of shorts.

A Miracle on North Edgemont Street

S2 E2
Jun 15, 2018
Ahamed wakes up to find a dog in his apartment, but he has no clue where she came from or who she belongs to.

You Need a Man

S2 E3
Jun 16, 2018
While still reeling from their breakup, Ahamed has an uncomfortable run-in with Rabia.

Clear Signs

S2 E4
Jun 17, 2018
As Ramadan comes to an end, Ahamed reflects on the "miracle dog" that showed up inside his apartment.