Season 1

Episode Guide

Ahamed Weinberg

S1 E1
Jul 19, 2017
In the premiere episode of this series of shorts, Ahamed Weinberg eats as much as he can before his fast begins.

Allah Carte

S1 E2
Jul 20, 2017
Ahamed's job as a food deliveryman is making him miserable during Ramadan.


S1 E3
Jul 21, 2017
Ahamed's date with a Muslim woman takes a turn when their food arrives before sundown.


S1 E4
Jul 22, 2017
When Ahamed sees a lobster in his toilet, he searches for answers but has trouble finding its meaning.


S1 E5
Jul 24, 2017
Ahamed takes time to reflect on his month of fasting during his Eid party.