Season 1

Episode Guide

The Hungry Leopard

S1 E1
Mar 31, 2017
The secretive nocturnal life of a leopard is finally revealed, thanks to a military-grade thermal camera.

A Leopard's Last Stand

S1 E2
Apr 7, 2017
Can an aging leopard use her experience to ward off a younger rival and maintain control of her prized territory?

Bound by Blood

S1 E3
Apr 14, 2017
For the parents of young lion cubs, the biggest threat isn't isn’t deadly predators. It’s rival lions.

The Misfit

S1 E4
Apr 21, 2017
After becoming separated from his lion pride, the runt of the litter must survive a night in the African bush.

Teenage Pride

S1 E5
Apr 28, 2017
Adolescent lions face betrayal, isolation, and even death on their journey into adulthood.

Survivors of the Plains

S1 E6
May 5, 2017
Should a clan of spotted hyenas set out in search of a kill, or stay put, preserve energy, and hope for rain?