Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Drakensberg: Barrier of Spears

S1 E1
Nov 16, 2015
The Drakensberg is a gargantuan range of pointy peaks that cuts across the South African plains, more than living up to its Zulu name Ukhahlamba - or 'Barrier of Spears.' Take an exhilarating journey among its massive sandstone buttresses, grass-covered slopes, and wealth of diverse wildlife.

Gardens in Clouds

S1 E2
Nov 16, 2015
Journey high into the sky to a remote mountain world, swirling in silver mist. These are the Cloud Mountains of South Africa, a hidden enclave of indigenous "Afromontane" forests, packed with giant prehistoric plants and the native species that rely on them - a true window into an ancient era.

Sandveld: Land of Contrasts

S1 E3
Mar 31, 2016
For the wildlife of South Africa's rugged coastline, life is a constant balance of extremes. While some species have the luxury of choosing between the dangers of the Atlantic or the severity of the land, all of its inhabitants learn to cope with the area's unyielding, yet beautiful, landscape.

Namaqualand: The Desert Bloom

S1 E4
Jun 02, 2016
On the western coast of South Africa, a unique desert landscape experiences the contrasts of a punishing 10-month dry period, followed by a brief flurry of rain and floral bloom. Follow the speckled padloper, mole snake, and other species that call Namaqualand home, as they celebrate their reward for months of resilient survival.

De Hoop: Place of Hope

S1 E5
Jul 14, 2016
In the Western Cape province of South Africa, De Hoop Nature Reserve is bringing back countless endangered species from the brink of extinction. From the docile bontebok to gargantuan southern right whales, meet some of the world's most vulnerable creatures as they battle against overwhelming odds.

Kogelberg: Mountains of Diversity

S1 E6
Jul 15, 2016
Take a trip along the mountainous coast of South Africa's Western Cape, a botanical wonderland where rare plants are interspersed across a carpet of species-rich fynbos vegetation. On land and sea, life here is both intricate and spectacular.