Season 7

Episode Guide

You're Leaving Because You're Leaving

S7 E1
Jun 02, 2020
A new vacation begins for the Shores and this time Mazatlan will witness the parties, loves, heartbreaks and fights of the most dysfunctional family on television.

The Grand Finale

S7 E2
Jun 09, 2020
Nacha and Mane confront Dania when they see her throw their things in the water. Seafood arrives to cure their hangovers and a bar outing ends in a house party. Mane annoys Dania, initiating a new confrontation between them.

The Vacations Begins

S7 E3
Jun 16, 2020
A new member arrives at the house. The boss announces that they have to work to be part of the carnival. The tendo team insists that Jey sleep with Nacha and a bar is the family's place of encounters and disagreements.

I'm Sorry

S7 E4
Jun 23, 2020
Tadeo receives a surprise and the Shores are moved by his reaction. Xavier's birthday celebrations begins. Chile and Jey have erection issues and Jawy challenges Chile to a boxing match.

New Member

S7 E5
Jun 30, 2020
The wait is over and Jey finally sleeps with Nacha. Cecilia sends a group to work at the aquarium. Xavier's celebration continues. The girls escape the club, which causes a fight between Mane and Jawy.

The Curse of the "Pitoflan"

S7 E6
Jul 07, 2020
Jawy and Mane continue. Xavi decides to invite Pepe to stay at the house. The Shores begin to doubt Fernanda. Karime looks for a notary to validate her virginity. Mane and Fernanda end up in a strong confrontation.

The Dog of Discord

S7 E7
Jul 14, 2020
Mane and Fernanda start fist fighting. The conclave decides to give Fernanda a test to avoid her expulsion. A soccer game between the Shores and the Big Hippo will decide the future of the house. Pepe receives an eternal love proposal.

To Ask for Forgiveness

S7 E8
Jul 21, 2020
The test ends and Fernanda gets to stay at the house. Chile overhears the rejected girls' plan and tattles on them. A dance teacher puts Mane and Karime in their place. A pitched battle breaks out at a restaurant.

Fight Again

S7 E9
Jul 28, 2020
After facing Mane, Dania makes an important decision. The Shores receive a Mexican banda class where the ballad "Verga Muerta" is officially born. Jawy speaks with Fernanda and Mane decides to leave Dania alone at the house.

"Verga Muerta"

S7 E10
Aug 04, 2020
Xavier and Pepe confront each other again. A group of witches arrive at the house, but not everyone seems happy with their premonitions. On a girls' night out, Dania apologizes to Mane and her reaction leaves everyone speechless.

The Witches Have Arrived

S7 E11
Aug 11, 2020
The Shores wonder about Dania's whereabouts. Chile and Diana have a romantic date. Karime and Mane end up in the hospital. Pepe and Ramiro receive a call that changes their plans and the Shores get ready to celebrate carnival.

The First Goodbye

S7 E12
Aug 18, 2020
The Shores arrive to the carnival. Karime and Potro have a very intimate moment. A hypnotist comes to the house. Nacha is suspicious that she might be pregnant and decides to take a pregnancy test. A new member comes to the vacation house.

Night of Witches

S7 E13
Aug 25, 2020
Mane and Karime put a love spell on their lovers and Nacha has a big fight with Jey. Potro surprises Isa by kissing Chile and she gets upset. Mane finds out that Potro is speaking bad about Jawy and takes action.

We Need to Talk

S7 E14
Sep 01, 2020
The situation between Jawy and Potro gets more tense everyday. The new members decide to zipline topless. Nacha confronts Isa while Jawy decides that the beach is the perfect place to clear things up with Potro.

The Singapore Kiss

S7 E15
Sep 08, 2020
Talia arrives by surprise and takes them partying. Nacha is rushed to the hospital. Chile finally kisses Isa. The Shores have a session with Silvia Olmedo; Karime gets back with Ramiro and suggests a threesome. Fer and Isa fight over Chile.

The Last Party

S7 E16
Sep 22, 2020
The Shores get ready for the end of their Mazatlan adventure. The guests arrive to celebrate the final party. Potro and Tadeo arrive at the party when the debauchery is at full force and an incident between Chile's girls is about to go down.

The Commitment

S7 E17
Sep 29, 2020
The last party ends in a fight between Chile's harem. Mane prepares Jawy a surprise ceremony to confirm her love. The Shores leave the house, but Karime and Potro save the best for last.