Season 4

Episode Guide

Oblina Without a Cause / Slick Ick

S4 E1
Aug 24, 1997
When a group of "cool" girl-monsters shuns the obsessively rule-bound Oblina, she transforms breaking every rule she can./When Ickis takes a break from scaring to eat the grime of a dirty car, he inadvertently ends up in a car wash.

Showdown / Internal Affairs

S4 E2
Aug 31, 1997
Simon the Monster Hunter hires three of the greatest hunters in the world to help him capture Ickis and prove to the world that monsters do exist./A hungry parasite named Sal invades Oblina's stomach, causing her to eat everything in sight.

Battle of the Century / A Perfect World

S4 E3
Sep 7, 1997
Deep beneath a smelly garbage dump, in a city very much like your own, a generation of promising young monsters is growing up.

The Lips Have It / Escape Claws

S4 E4
Sep 14, 1997
Oblina loses her lips when they get caught on a construction barricade and ripped off./A case of mistaken identity leaves Ickis thinking six lobsters are actually monsters.

Walk Like a Man / A Friend Indeed

S4 E5
Sep 21, 1997
When Ickis gets stuck in a toilet in Rock Star Suede's house, the monsters' only hope is to disguise Ickis in Suede's coat and hat and try to walk home./When Ickis meets a monster with a human face, he not only gains a private tutor, he makes a friend.

Watch the Watch / She Likes Me?

S4 E6
Sep 28, 1997
While getting ready to do a scare at a hypnotist's show, Ickis stares at the hynotist's watch and inadvertently gets hypnotized./Through a series of misinterpretations, Krumm is convinced that Oblina has a crush on him.

Nuclear and Present Danger/Loch Ness Mess

S4 E7
Oct 5, 1997
Ickis, Krumm and Oblina get trapped inside a nuclear power plant when they set off a warning device closing down the entire facility./The monsters are overjoyed when the famous Loch Ness Monster pays a visit to The Academy to give a guest lecture.

Super Ickis / The Substitute

S4 E8
Oct 12, 1997
Ickis is accidentally thrown through the air by a bulldozer and inadvertently saves a group of students./A substitute teacher arrives, announcing that The Gromble has "gone away" and that he will be taking over.

The Great Escape / Beast with Four Eyes

S4 E9
Oct 25, 1997
Shortly McGinty escapes from prison and leads the police on a chase that takes him to the dump, where the cops mistake Ickis for McGinty and haul him off to prison.

Side by Side / Hooked on Phobics

S4 E10
Oct 26, 1997
The Gromble assigns Ickis to be "pair-scare" partners with the dreaded, unpopular Zimbo. Ickis and Zimbo are miserable with the match and instantly start bickering./Ickis discovers as easy way out of getting his homework done.

Spy Versus Monster / Misery Date

S4 E11
Nov 2, 1997
The Academy instantly shuts down, transforming itself into a camouflaged cave, when a human spy is discovered inside. /The Gromble is in love with the Library Monster, and he's not as strict as he used to be.

Clockwise / Gromble Soup

S4 E12
Nov 9, 1997
Ickis is perpetually late for class, so The Gromble hangs a big clock around his neck to remind him to be on time./The Gromble is sick and Simpah, the horrible Cafeteria Monster, has been put in charge of the students.

Laugh Krumm Laugh / Rookie Monsters

S4 E13
Nov 16, 1997
The Academy is gearing up for the Scaring Olympics. The Gromble wants desperately to win the competition and is pushing his students to do their best./Ickis, Krumm and Oblina get trapped in a garbage compactor and the only thing they can do is bicker.