The Ultimate '90s Kid Binge-Watch Guide

Check out all of the rad ‘90s series you can revisit right now on Paramount+!
Posted on Mar 4, 2021 | 06:45am
You don’t need a time machine to go back to the ‘90s. All of your favorite TV shows and cartoons from the decade are streaming right now on Paramount+.

Remember when you got to stay up late with your older siblings to watch Twin Peaks and Beverly Hills, 90210? Perhaps you still think about the good old days of waking up early to shovel sugary cereal into your mouth while Hey Arnold! and Gullah Gullah Island aired.

Just because you’re a grown up now doesn’t mean you’re not still a ‘90s kid at heart.

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We’ve compiled the ultimate ‘90s kid binge-watch guide, and it’s the cure for your endless scrolling.

Time to bust out your butterfly clips, dust off your CatDog sleeping bag and get your arm stuck in a tube of pizza-flavored chips.

You’re going to want to stream all of these unforgettable ‘90s kids TV shows on Paramount+.

Here’s where to start...