8 Unruly TV Animals That Seriously Need To Chill Out

Cantankerous canine on <i>Battle Creek</i>

Cantankerous canine on Battle Creek

This pooch might have been doing his job when he chased down a little girl with heroin in her backpack, but tackling an 8-year-old is always bad form. Cookie, no!

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Brutal bee on <i>Survivor: Worlds Apart</i>

Brutal bee on Survivor: Worlds Apart

During a challenge that required the castaways to hang onto a pole as long as possible, Jen had already outlasted all but three of her competitors when she was stung by a bee on her inner thigh.

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Fallen feline on <i>2 Broke Girls</i>

Fallen feline on 2 Broke Girls

When Nancy runs away, Max is distraught. But when the cat is returned by a wealthy businessman, it turns out she had a little too much fun while she was gone. This cat got preggers!

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Dangerous dogs on <i>The Amazing Race</i>

Dangerous dogs on The Amazing Race

When the teams are challenged to cut up, prepare, and feed wildebeest meat to wild dogs, Matt is excited to interact with some furry friends. But when he asks if he can get out of the car to feed them, he’s warned that the vicious canines would likely eat him instead.

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Foul fowl on <i>The Big Bang Theory</i>

Foul fowl on The Big Bang Theory

When Leonard and Howard forget to close the loading doors while working in a state-of-the-art clean room, a “flying crap machine” finds its way in and compromises all of the equipment, causing the two to panic and turn on each other. Then, as soon as they manage to wrangle the pigeon, a crow barges in.

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Sickening scorpion on <i>Survivor: Worlds Apart</i>

Sickening scorpion on Survivor: Worlds Apart

When Mike sees a scorpion on his first day at the camp, he kills it, removes its poisonous tail, and eats it for protein. But the scorpion gets its revenge, making Mike extremely sick.

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Sneaky spider on <i>CSI: Cyber</i>

Sneaky spider on CSI: Cyber

A giant spider gets loose in the office, terrorizing Nelson and driving him to distraction.

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Loud leopards on <i>The Late Show</i>

Loud leopards on The Late Show

These adorable baby leopards kept squirming and squealing, interrupting Dave’s conversation with “Jungle” Jack Hanna.

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