Season 2

Episode Guide

Eye See You

S2 E1
Feb 13, 2019
Zac & Mia are finally a couple, but both are dealing with new hurdles that will put their relationship to the test. Zac finds getting a fresh start may be harder than he thought while Mia learns to live as an amputee.


S2 E2
Feb 13, 2019
Mia gets off to a rough start with her physical therapist and Zac comes up with a plan that might help them both with the transition back to a normal life.

Off-White Lies

S2 E3
Feb 13, 2019
As Zac continues to push his health too far he finds he may also be pushing Mia away. Mia meets her new prosthetic leg and learns a secret about Trevor.

Hook, Line, & Sink Him

S2 E4
Feb 13, 2019
Zac pushes Mia to go to a concert with him for her brithday despite her fear that she's not ready to be in public. What was supposed to be a fun night takes a turn that Zac & Mia may never recover from.

Wedding Clashers

S2 E5
Feb 13, 2019
With her health declining, Ashley & Evan surprise everyone with an impromptu wedding ceremony at the hospital. In the aftermath of Zac & Mia's break-up and Zac's accident, this happy occasion has more than a few obstacles.


S2 E6
Feb 13, 2019
In the season finale, Zac finds out that his surfing accident may have more harmful consequences for his health than he imagined and Mia prepares to move out.