• Heathcliff Season 1

    S1 E11: Teed Off // Monstro & Wolfhound

    21M SEP 30, 1984 TV-Y

    S1 E11: Grandpa takes Iggy to the country club where Grandma challenges Grandpa to a game. Meanwhile, Heathcliff 's quarrel with the mice causes chaos in the dining room. // Riff Raff and the cats watch a horror movie, and that night Riff Raff dreams he is Dr. Frankencat and has created a monster. It's a regular nightmare, with even Leroy showing up as the Wolfman.

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Heathcliff knows he is the best cat around! Never have we seen such self-confidence topped off with a heavy dose of vanity, cunning, ruthlessness, and a mischievous love of gags. He cruises and struts down the street and watch out any person, cat, or dog who gets in his way! Although he may terrorize the neighborhood, let an outsider try to push anyone around and he is a veritable tiger of defense. His love for the fancy feline Sonja is true-blue and though he regularly pummels Spike, the neighborhood bulldog, he is not without affection for him. Grandpa's brusque tolerance for Heathcliff is sometimes stretched to the breaking point, but Grandma usually intervenes and Iggy's pride in Heathcliff brings out his better nature. When Heathcliff is not grabbing fish from the market or teasing spike, he is full of love and good will for others, despite himself.
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