• Super Mario World Season 1

    S1 E8: Party Line // Gopher Bash

    20M NOV 02, 1991 TV-Y7

    S1 E8: Mario invents the telephone so the Cave People will have a 911 line for emergencies. But the Cave People spend all their time talking on the phone and Dome City starts to fall apart from neglect. // Luigi teaches farming to the Cave People, with mixed results. But when the crops grow, King Koopa's Nintendo Gophers steal all the crops and put Fire Plants and Pirhana Plants in their place.

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Super Mario World
While Mario, Luigi and Princess are vacationing in Dinosaur Land, King Koopa shows up and once again abducts the Princess. So Mario and Luigi, with the help of their new friend Yoshi, can soar to new heights to send Koopa and his seven kids away once and for all.
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Super Mario World