• Super Mario World Season 1

    S1 E5: King Scoopa Koopa // Battle Of The Baseball Know-It-Alls

    22M OCT 12, 1991 TV-Y7

    S1 E5: King Koopa opens a Fast Food Stand serving Egg Scoopa Koopa sandwiches which are highly addictive and turn his consumers into Chickadactyls! Luckily Mario hates eggs. // Mother Brain, Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo warp the N-Team and Bo Jackson inside Baseball World, then move into the palace with Princess Lana as their unwilling lady-in-waiting.

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Super Mario World
While Mario, Luigi and Princess are vacationing in Dinosaur Land, King Koopa shows up and once again abducts the Princess. So Mario and Luigi, with the help of their new friend Yoshi, can soar to new heights to send Koopa and his seven kids away once and for all.
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