• Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant Season 1

    S1 E4: Cutting the Cord

    41M APR 01, 2018 TV-14

    S1 E4: Lexi's parents are growing concerned that she and Kyler don't have a plan for the baby's arrival. Brianna and and Danae escape tensions at home with a visit to Chicago, and Jade's water breaks!

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Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
"Teen Mom" debuted on MTV in 2009 and soon after garnered accolades for bringing attention to the issue of teenage pregnancies. The series even was cited for helping to lower teen birth rates by 46 percent since it premiered. MTV continues the "Teen Mom" legacy with "Young and Pregnant," which chronicles diverse stories and backgrounds of young women and the challenges they face in their first years of being Gen Z mothers.
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Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant