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Season 1

Episode Guide

Secrets of the Mega-Tomb

S1 E1
Jun 21, 2021
It began with the discovery of a giant coffin while excavating a burial chamber near Egypt's famous Step Pyramid. But further digging opened an underground labyrinth, a mega-tomb with over 100 coffins filling every inch of space. Burying all these people must have required a massive operation...so who was behind it? Filmed with unprecedented access, we join archeologists as they make each ground-breaking find, and follow them on their mission to solve a 2,500-year-old mystery that could change what we know about Egyptian history.

Mystery of the Painted Mummy

S1 E2
Jun 28, 2021
Massive tombs found beneath the ruins of a temple in Saqqara continue to astound archaeologists and change how we view Egyptian society during the Late Period. In this episode, we open a stunningly well-preserved coffin to find the mummy of a wealthy young woman. High-resolution scanning technology and x-rays reveal tragic secrets that create a picture of what family life might have looked like over 2,500 years ago. Also, the discovery of an ornate bronze statue provides a snapshot of Egypt as an incredibly well-connected trading network.

Tomb of the Pyramid Judge

S1 E3
Jul 12, 2021
Egyptian archaeologists made global news when they came upon two massive tombs in Saqqara that date back more than 2,500 years. But they didn't stop there. They also discovered an unfinished tomb that appears to predate the other mega-tombs by around two millennia. It belonged to a prominent Judicial Tallyman named Pinomis and his family but exploring the burial chamber has raised many questions. Who was this judge? How did he achieve his wealth and status? And why did he choose to spend his eternal afterlife in a tomb only half-built?

Rise of the Greeks

S1 E4
Jul 19, 2021
Over the course of just a few months, Egyptian archaeologists discovered more than 60 tombs beneath the ruins of an ancient temple in Saqqara, some holding hundreds of coffins. Most are from around 600 BC, but a recently uncovered one looks different. A series of tests reveal it was buried centuries later, during Egypt's Greek Period. What can this man's mummy tell us about the world he came from and what happened to this necropolis in the last days of ancient Egypt, the age of Cleopatra? The answers may lie inside this magnificent coffin.