Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

38 Days to Go

S1 E2
Feb 17, 2009
T.I. tackles an Atlanta teen named Trey, whom is running the streets with a violent gang. With no positive male role models to motivate him, T.I. confronts Trey with the reality of his life choices, in hopes of inspiring change

31 Days to Go

S1 E3
Feb 24, 2009
T.I.'s efforts to help troubled kids have brought him to Southern California. Anthony has spent the last four years in juvenile camp and is currently on probation. T.I. surprises him and hopes to get through to him.

24 Days to Go

S1 E4
Mar 3, 2009
T.I. heads to Atlanta to help Edwin, a struggling young father, whom is at risk of breaking his family apart. T.I. must set Edwin straight and show him that education is the key for him to become the father his family needs.

17 Days to Go

S1 E5
Mar 10, 2009
T.I. has been given the opportunity to reward a Los Angeles area teen, who despite unyielding adversity, preserveres. Donald is 18 years old and living in a half way house. T.I. wants to celebrate Donald's resolve and bravery.

11 Days to Go

S1 E6
Mar 17, 2009
T.I. attempts to inspire Cynthia, a 15 yr old girl for LA, who might be his biggest challenge yet. After the tragic loss of her brother, she joined a gang to avenge his death. T.I. brings home the realities of her choices.

11 Days to Go

S1 E7
Mar 17, 2009
Nothing makes T.I. more upset than meeting a young person who hasn't learned anything from their mistakes. T.I. will take his intervention style to a whole new level when he meets Mario, an 18 year old gang member from Compton.

4 Days to Go

S1 E8
Mar 24, 2009
This new series will define T.I. as a world famous rapper, a father of six and a man facing 30 years in prison. T.I. will begin his year-long journey to redeem and change himself as well as the lives of seven at risk teens.

The Reckoning

S1 E9
Apr 7, 2009
A heartfelt and intimate look at TI's road to remdemption as he faces his sentencing in front of the very kids he's trying to teach right from wrong.