Season 6

Episode Guide

Basically, He Was Framed

S6 E1
Apr 16, 2017
The Harris family returns as an even bigger brood as Tip and Tameka's baby girl, Heiress Diana, is introduced. However, the biggest news is the separation of Tip and Tameka.

Working Girl

S6 E2
Apr 16, 2017
Now that she has separated from T.I., Tiny is ready to show that you can be a mother and a strong businesswoman at the same time. Meanwhile, Major is no longer the baby in the family and is growing up too fast.

Mug Shot

S6 E3
Apr 23, 2017
With her new album about to be released, Niq Niq considers whether she should use her mug shot for merchandizing. Meanwhile, T.I. is looking to start over, beginning with his house, but worries as each item exceeds the budget.

Xscape Is In The Building

S6 E4
Apr 30, 2017
Tameka's girl group Xscape sets out to go on tour but when Tameka tells T.I. her plans to take Heiress on the road, he becomes uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Domani's grades are suffering soTip takes the one thing that means most.

Domani's Platform

S6 E5
May 14, 2017
When Domani seems indifferent after being racially profiled, T.I. helps his son realize that this action is not acceptable. Meanwhile, fearing that Tiny is lonely, Niq Niq struggles with finding alone time with her boyfriend.

Look At The Car, Bro

S6 E6
May 14, 2017
After Messiah crashes T.I.'s expensive sports car, T.I. revokes Messiah's driving privileges. Tiny has a new business venture as the owner of a co-ed basketball team.

What I Should Have Said Was...

S6 E7
May 21, 2017
Tip is in hot water after a radio interview where he called Tameka a distraction. Tip takes it upon himself to reach out to people he's closest with so he can clear the air.


S6 E8
May 28, 2017
T.I and Tiny put on a brave face for their family and throw Heiress a fun-filled christening. The time has come for a decision to be made about their marriage.