Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Patagonia Untamed

S1 E1
Nov 07, 2018
At the southern end of the Andes, in the remote reaches of Patagonia, everything must adapt to constant upheaval, invasion, and explosive change. Cold winds swirl around the Torres del Paine, while one of the most southerly rainforests in the world bursts with natural treasures. See how the Andes' wild and untamed creatures like pumas, frogs, beavers, and more navigate a world of active volcanoes, ice fields, and prehistoric trees.

Extreme Survival

S1 E2
Nov 14, 2018
Halfway down central South America's Andean mountain chain, nearly 13,000 feet above sea level, sits a 600-mile-wide plateau. In this vast landscape, air is dangerously thin, water is scarce, temperatures swing wildly from night to day, and only the most exceptional of animals survive. Explore life in the unpredictable Altiplano, from a caustic red-hued lake to sprawling salt flats to one of the driest deserts on Earth, and discover the remarkable creatures that, despite the odds, thrive in this life of extremes.

Life in the Clouds

S1 E3
Nov 21, 2018
In the northern Andes, towering mountains straddle the equator. The contrast between icy peaks and tropical forests has created one of the most diverse collection of creatures on the planet. Explore the northerly part of the world's longest mountain chain, from the breathless heights of the paramo to the dank world of the cloud forest to the dry forests in the foothills. Discover the unique species that call this land of extremes home, including poison frogs, spectacled bears, and nearly 150 different types of hummingbirds.