Season 2

Episode Guide

The Triangle

S2 E1
Jun 24, 2011
Jake and Hayley are crushing on each other, until a new girl (Cadence) comes in and breaks it up. Felix is invited to join D.O.R.K., an exclusive school for the super intelligent.

Prisoner of Lakewood

S2 E2
Aug 03, 2011
A monster switches places with Hayley and finds out it's easier to be a monster than a teenage girl. Kirby's new combat trainer, "The Hammer," beats Kirby down until Kirby can stand up for himself.

Doom Hound

S2 E3
Jun 24, 2011
After blowing up the science fair Etienne begins to act like a tough guy when he hangs around Cadence. Jake has to walk around with a Doom Hound disguised as a yappy dog

A Sniff too Far

S2 E4
Jul 31, 2011
A Flaying Pincer Mole has attacked the school repeatedly and the Troop's only way to unearth its secret lair is to team up with the Sniffer, a terribly annoying monster.

The Monster Within

S2 E5
Jul 01, 2011
Felix becomes popular when it appears he won a fight with a school bully. Jake and Hayley attempt to track and capture a Blood Thrasher, a mysterious creature that is killing other monsters in the area.

It's All in the Game

S2 E6
Jul 08, 2011
Felix has been promoted to International HQ and Kirby Bancroft-Cadworth III (Matt Shively) has replaced him. Now the new Troop must figure out how monsters are using a popular video game to eat people.


S2 E7
Jul 15, 2011
When students start mysteriously disappearing, the Troop hunts down an elusive Reflecticor Luponis Monster. Comic book legend Lee Stanley comes to school to buy Jake's loosely autobiographical comic book.

Oh Brother

S2 E8
Jul 22, 2011
While waiting for Kirby to join the Troop, after Felix got promoted to International HQ, Jake & Hayley try to train Etienne to be a temporary Troop member.

Through the Looking Glass

S2 E9
Jul 29, 2011
After banishing Cadence from the Human World, Jake must follow her into the Monster World in order to retrieve his portable TroopGrid device and close the open portal into the Monster World.

The Eris Returns

S2 E10
Aug 01, 2011
Cecilia, an Eris Fairy, comes to Lakewood on Valentine's Day in search of Felix so she can have a perfect Valentine's Day. She mistakes Etienne for Felix, and they have a perfect date but her ex-boyfriend threatens to ruin it.

Start Me Up

S2 E11
Aug 05, 2011
Kirby's lifelong nemesis and ex Troop mate, Morgan Grey, uses her access to monsters to help defeat Kirby at the National Young Inventors Expo. When she loses control of her creation, it sets out to destroy her and the Troop.

This Bird You Cannot Cage

S2 E12
Aug 05, 2011
A Flying Swamp Monster that feeds on electrical energy has come to Lakewood and is not only terrorizing the city but is also threatening Prom from happening.

Road Trip

S2 E13
Aug 02, 2011
Jake, Hayley and Mr. Stockley get an emergency distress signal while doing Driver's Ed. Mazie, a straight-A overzealous student, faces off with Kirby in the school election for the newly created position of "Green Czar."

Ice Hassles

S2 E14
Aug 19, 2011
The Ice Ghoul returns to Lakewood even more powerful than before. Hayley, Jake and Kirby must fight the creature before they themselves are infected and turned into ice zombies.