Season 6

Episode Guide

Movin' On In

S6 E1
Mar 18, 2006
While the celebrities get settled in, cast therapist Florence Henderson arrives to introduce a lineup of potential new housemates.

Making the Video

S6 E2
Mar 18, 2006
The housemates shoot a music video for Steve's band, Smash Mouth, and Tawny's intense production methods don't sit well with the others.

Action News: Part 1

S6 E3
Apr 01, 2006
A local news station calls on the housemates to produce a live-broadcast piece on a tight deadline, testing the group's ability to perform under pressure.

Action News: Part 2

S6 E4
Apr 08, 2006
Nerves peak as the housemates deliver their live broadcast, C.C. faces his fear of performing sober, and a celebration goes south when a group of bar patrons target Alexis.

Tawny Takes On Flo: Part 1

S6 E5
Apr 15, 2006
When the group is tasked with creating their own talk shows, Alexis and Sherman tap into their resources, and Tawny uses the opportunity to retaliate against Flo.

Tawny Takes On Flo: Part 2

S6 E6
Apr 29, 2006
As the group films their talk-show pilots, Sherman brings out an old friend, Alexis struggles to maintain a captive audience, and Tawny goes on the attack against Flo.

Battle of the 80s Hair Band

S6 E7
Apr 29, 2006
C.C. is nervous when the group must face a Poison tribute act in a battle of the bands, Steve and Tawny clash during rehearsal, and Flo's judgements become too much for Andrea.

Flo's Final Word

S6 E8
May 01, 2006
Flo presents each housemate with parting words of support and some hard truths with video evidence from their time together.

Checkout Is at Noon

S6 E9
May 13, 2006
The group spends one last dinner with Flo, Steve gets stuck playing the messenger when Tawny's personal life comes to a head, and the housemates say their goodbyes.