Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Ballot Box Blues // The Visitor

S1 E1
Sep 12, 1987
Betty and Veronica run for class president, with Archie and Reggie, respectively, their campaign managers. // Eugene's science project goes hay-wire and shoots down a U.F.O. Archie takes care of the alien, dude while Jughead repairs the U.F.O. Dude gets a crush on Betty.

I Gotta Be Me-Or is it You? // Sir Jughead Jones

S1 E2
Sep 19, 1987
Eugene has a crush on Amani and vice versa. Hoping to be noticed they both undergo changes. Eugene, with the help of Reggie, Archie, and Jughead, becomes Cool with new clothing and sunglasses. // Veronica discovers Jughead is heir to viscount Forsythe P. Jones fortune.

The Last Laugh // THEIF! (of hearts)

S1 E3
Sep 26, 1987
Reggie livens up the Sadie Hawkins dance decorating committee with some practical jokes. He goes on a rampage through the school which ends with gluing fangs to his shot-put. // The girls and the boys bet each other that they can find the local jewel thief first with the few clues of red fibers and an overweight person wearing tennis shoes.

The Awful Truth // Jughead Predicts

S1 E4
Oct 03, 1987
Betty and Veronica are finalists in the Junior Riverdale Beauty Contest. Veronica tries to one up Betty by stealing Eugene's truth medicine and zapping Betty with it. // Jughead gets bonked on the head which causes him to go into a trance and predict the future.

Future Shock // Stealing the show

S1 E5
Oct 10, 1987
Three couples are up for Riverdale Picnic King and Queen and ironically all the couples holding this honor have gone on to marry each other. // When Archie and Betty are cast as Ponce and Cinderella in the school play, Reggie and Veronica vow to take over the lead roles.

Hamburger Helper // Goodbye Ms Grundy

S1 E6
Oct 17, 1987
Veronica says she'll pick up the tab for a day's worth of hamburgers for Jughead if he can go one week without eating one. // Tired of teaching a rowdy bunch of kids, Ms Grundy contemplates accepting a position at an all girls private school.

Red to the Rescue // Jughead the Jinx

S1 E7
Oct 24, 1987
Mrs. Schweckner is out to have Red locked up by Animal Control for turning over garbage cans, tearing up her garden and scaring her cat. // Jughead breaks a mirror and believes he is jinx as things start going wrong all around him.

Telegraph, Telephone, Tell Reggie // Wooden It Be Lovely

S1 E8
Oct 31, 1987
Reggie's spoiled behavior is driving everyone crazy but instead of retaliation they take Ms. Grundy's advice to treat him with kindness. // The gang's tree house is going to be cut down for a warehouse to be built by Reggie's uncle. They form a protest group, print leaflets, sign a petition all to save the tree.

I Was A Twelve-Year Old Werewolf // The Prince of Riverdale

S1 E9
Nov 07, 1987
The boys go to Frankenstein's Cave to prove their bravery. Archie stumbles into the hidden lab and bottles of strange things fall on him turning him into a werewolf when the moon shines brightly. // The Prince of Rurithania who looks like Archie comes to Riverdale to give a speech. Bored with his princely duties he meets up with Archie and they switch places for the day.

Loose Lips Stop Slips // A Change of Minds

S1 E10
Nov 14, 1987
A small statue of the towns founder will be awarded to the student who proves himself to be outstanding and helpful. All the kids compete trying to out-do each other performing good deeds. // Eugene and Moose switch brains and characteristics when they are zapped together in Eugene's latest invention.

The Incredible Shrinking Archie // Gunk for the Gold

S1 E11
Nov 21, 1987
With Jughead's help, Archie tries to make a special perfume for Veronica for her birthday, but ends up shrinking himself and Jughead. // Eugene accidentally develops some magic gunk that when applied to the soles of the shoes of the soccer team gives them extra bounce and power.

The Making of Mr.Right-eous // Jughead's Millions

S1 E12
Nov 28, 1987
Eugene makes a secret robot of himself which Moose accidentally turns on and they go off to school together. // Ms. Grundy gives the class assignments to teach them about the adult world.

Take My Butler, Please! // Hoorary for Hollywood

S1 E13
Dec 05, 1987
Archie saves Smithers, Veronica's butler, from a runaway piano and Smithers feels honor bound to serve him. He is driving Archie crazy by doing everything for him. // Tired of being one of the guys, dependable, and old-fashioned Betty get's a make-over and becomes a fashion-conscious, new wave dolt who doesn't help anyone or pay attention.