Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

To Be A King

S1 E1
Sep 16, 2023
Six armed men steal £26m worth of gold from the Brink’s-Mat security depot and set about trying to dispose of the bullion. DCI Brian Boyce sets up a police Task Force to investigate.

There's Something Going On In Kent

S1 E2
Sep 16, 2023
A Gold Chain is set up to smelt the stolen Brink’s-Mat gold, sell it back into the market and launder the profits. The police investigation leads them to Kent and Kenneth Noye.

The Consequences Are Mine

S1 E3
Sep 23, 2023
The police set up surveillance on Noye and are led to Palmer and more of the Gold Chain suspects. The police raids to arrest the Gold Chain ends in tragedy in Noye’s garden.

Vengeance Is Easy, Justice Is Hard

S1 E4
Sep 30, 2023
In Tenerife, Palmer learns he is wanted by the police. Cooper and Parry’s plan to move cash across Europe comes unstuck. Noye’s murder trial comes to a dramatic conclusion.