Season 34

Episode Guide

The British Are Coming!

S34 E1
Aug 27, 2019
The Brits and Americans compete in Trench Warfare for a chance to pick all-star Challenge reinforcements for their sides, and Wes has a head start on the political game.

God Save the Queen

S34 E2
Sep 03, 2019
Jordan calls a meeting for Team U.S., the Cryptic Crossbow challenge reveals one team's weaknesses, a competitor makes a bold move, and the Proving Ground heats up.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

S34 E3
Sep 10, 2019
Bear vies for Team U.K.'s speaker position, the Paddle Wheel Puzzle challenge leaves one team questioning its tactics, and Wes and Josh clash over Team U.S.'s strategy.

Benedict Laurel

S34 E4
Sep 17, 2019
The Relic Runner challenge forces the members of Team U.S. to reassess their allies, Bear juggles multiple romances, and the elimination leaves everyone in shock.

In Paulie We Trust

S34 E5
Sep 24, 2019
Paulie strikes a deal with Bananas despite Cara Maria's wariness, Ninja's performance in the Hooked challenge raises suspicion, and Team U.S.'s loyalties are put to the test.

One Nation Under Leroy

S34 E6
Oct 01, 2019
After the latest elimination, Leroy fills the alpha-sized hole on Team U.S., two players on Team U.K. confront their feelings, and the teams compete in Explosive Decision trivia.

Zero Dark Turbo

S34 E7
Oct 08, 2019
Turbo has revenge on his mind after an explosive argument, Tori tries to play peacemaker, and every second counts in a knock-down, drag-out matchup in the Proving Ground.

Saving Private Esther

S34 E8
Oct 15, 2019
Cross-team alliances plot their next moves as numbers dwindle, a double elimination shakes up the game, and the U.K. team doubts Esther's abilities.

The Royal Rumble

S34 E9
Oct 22, 2019
The demoralized U.K. team attempts to unite, the players struggle to assemble puzzles inside a shipping container as it rocks back and forth, and Leroy and Kam rekindle things.

Infinity War

S34 E10
Oct 29, 2019
Turbo's fight with Jordan crosses a line, Leroy chooses a side and jeopardizes a friendship, and the teams get down and dirty to avoid elimination.

All is Fair in Love and War

S34 E11
Nov 05, 2019
Cracks continue to develop in the U.K. team, the game takes a toll on Nany, and a hard-fought Proving Ground ends with a huge surprise.

The Right Honorable Rogan

S34 E12
Nov 12, 2019
Cara Maria skips Jordan and Tori's engagement party, Rogan and CT concoct a plan to eliminate Team U.K.'s weakest player, and the tribunal members are at odds.


S34 E13
Nov 19, 2019
An aquatic purge challenge shakes up the game, Rogan deflects blame for a failed conspiracy to oust a teammate, and Jordan and Tori find themselves isolated from the rest of the U.K. team.

Declaration of Independence

S34 E14
Nov 26, 2019
CT has second thoughts, an unexpected move sends shockwaves through the teams, and emotions run high when two players face a super elimination.

A Tale of Two Countries

S34 E15
Dec 03, 2019
Team U.S. and U.K. face off during stage one of the final, in which they must carry weighted gurneys through a 16-mile jungle track featuring catapults, math and grubworms.

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Cash

S34 E16
Dec 10, 2019
Team U.K. fights to hang on to its lead, the overnight break is less than restful, and the champions are crowned.

Reunion Part 1

S34 E17
Dec 17, 2019
Justina Valentine and Nick Young chat with the cast about Cara Maria's personal attacks on Nany, Team U.S.'s infighting, and Jordan and Tori's engagement in the Proving Ground.

Reunion Part 2

S34 E18
Dec 17, 2019
The cast opens up to Justina Valentine and Nick Young about Rogan's wandering eye, Jordan picking a fight with Turbo and all the shady alliances from Season 34.