Season 6

Episode Guide

Memory Lost

S6 E1
Nov 14, 2016
Scott and Stiles begin investigating after a child's parents are erased from the world at the hands of a mysterious troupe of horsemen.


S6 E2
Nov 21, 2016
Scott, Lydia and Malia realize someone very important might be missing from their lives, and Corey and Mason get up to some sleuthing of their own.


S6 E3
Nov 28, 2016
Scott's search for his missing friend takes him to a retirement home, Liam tries to protect a classmate, and werewolf-bitten bodies start turning up.


S6 E4
Dec 05, 2016
As the Ghost Riders threaten to terrorize Beacon Hills on a massive scale, Scott and his friends try to protect the town, while Lydia keeps up the search for Stiles.

Radio Silence

S6 E5
Dec 12, 2016
Stiles tries to make contact with his friends back in Beacon Hills while trapped in a desolate location ruled by the Ghost Riders.


S6 E6
Jan 02, 2017
Scott, Lydia and Malia end up in a strange town while looking for Stiles, Liam tries to trap the Ghost Riders, and Argent's condition deteriorates.


S6 E7
Jan 09, 2017
Scott and his friends hatch a plan to catch a Ghost Rider, Peter cuts a deal with Malia, and Lydia's search for answers takes her to a mysterious room in the Stilinski house.


S6 E8
Jan 16, 2017
As Theo unveils Douglas's true plan for the Ghost Riders, Scott and his friends attempt to storm a rift that separates them from those who've disappeared.

Memory Found

S6 E9
Jan 23, 2017
While Liam and Theo try to distract the Ghost Riders as they terrorize the town, Scott, Lydia and Malia resort to desperate measures to awaken their memories of Stiles.

Riders on the Storm

S6 E10
Jan 30, 2017
With the fate of Beacon Hills hanging in the balance, Scott and his friends rush to put an end to the Ghost Riders' reign of terror.

Said the Spider to the Fly

S6 E11
Jul 29, 2017
As Scott prepares to begin a new chapter of his life, strange occurrences throughout Beacon Hills throw a wrench in his plans.

Raw Talent

S6 E12
Aug 05, 2017
Scott and Malia search for Argent after they spot a bullet indicating there might be a new werewolf hunter in Beacon Hills, and Lydia returns to Eichen House.

After Images

S6 E13
Aug 12, 2017
When an old foe returns to Beacon Hills, Scott and his friends are left to look for a missing werewolf.


S6 E14
Aug 19, 2017
As Gerard's campaign of fear takes hold of Beacon Hills, Scott, Lydia and Malia resort to desperate measures to stop an all-out war.

Pressure Test

S6 E15
Aug 19, 2017
A standoff between the hunters and the supernaturals brings tensions in Beacon Hills to a fever pitch.


S6 E16
Sep 02, 2017
As difficulties mount for the supernaturals in Beacon Hills, Scott and his friends are forced to get creative in planning to outmaneuver Gerard and his hunters.

Werewolves of London

S6 E17
Sep 09, 2017
While the hunters' reign of terror spreads, Scott finds himself seeking help in unorthodox places as his friends and family recover from an attack.


S6 E18
Sep 16, 2017
Scott and Liam make a discovery about one of their teachers, Mason and Theo search for answers, and Lydia and Malia try to save a life.

Broken Glass

S6 E19
Sep 16, 2017
Gerard and Monroe are armed to the teeth and ready for war, Scott and Malia to seek out unique training, and Argent gets help from an old ally.

The Wolves of War

S6 E20
Sep 23, 2017
Gerard and Monroe unleash an attack on the supernaturals of Beacon Hills, leaving Scott and his pack as the last defense for the town.