Season 2

Episode Guide


S2 E1
Jun 02, 2012
Lydia goes missing from the hospital, putting the entire town on edge, and Jackson finds himself in trouble as his body rejects Derek's bite.

Shape Shifted

S2 E2
Jun 03, 2012
With the full moon on the horizon, Isaac's father turns up dead, and Derek tries to get Scott to reconsider joining the pack.

Ice Pick

S2 E3
Jun 10, 2012
Derek's power grows as he creates more werewolves, Allison trains as a hunter, and Jackson struggles in his search for answers.


S2 E4
Jun 17, 2012
Scott, Stiles and Allison search for information about the mysterious creature wreaking havoc on the town.


S2 E5
Jun 24, 2012
When Derek suspects Lydia of being the shape-shifter, Scott and his friends must defend her from the pack.


S2 E6
Jul 01, 2012
When the identity of the kanima is discovered, everyone sets out to make sense of the new information, while Allison faces more pressure from her family.


S2 E7
Jul 08, 2012
Scott deals with new restrictions as he tries to learn more about the kanima, and Lydia puts the pieces together about her bite.


S2 E8
Jul 15, 2012
All eyes are on Jackson as Scott and Stiles team up with Derek to eliminate the kanima -- but the Argent hunters aren't far behind.

Party Guessed

S2 E9
Jul 22, 2012
Strange things are afoot on the night of the full moon as the guests at Lydia's party experience bizarre hallucinations, and Allison's parents make a difficult decision.


S2 E10
Jul 29, 2012
Unlikely alliances form when the person controlling the kanima takes Scott and Stiles hostage, and the Argents plan their revenge after a devastating loss.


S2 E11
Aug 05, 2012
Gerard threatens to unleash the kanima at the championship lacrosse game, and Derek struggles to hold on to his pack.

Master Plan

S2 E12
Aug 12, 2012
Questions arise at the morgue as Scott and his friends mount a final stand against Gerard and the hunters.