Season 1

Episode Guide

Friendship Day

S1 E1
Jun 09, 2017
Doodle mistakenly believes Sunny has forgotten him on Friendship Day and goes out in search of a new friend. When Doodle is taken by Scratch, the Dog Catcher, Sunny will stop at nothing to get her friend back.

The Topi-Hairy Contest

S1 E2
Jul 01, 2017
Sunny enters the annual topiary tree sculpting contest, but when her entry is sabotaged - twice - by Lacey, she uses her hair-styling skills and some quick thinking to create a brand new kind of art.

Stick With Me

S1 E3
Aug 20, 2017
When Rox and Blair accidentally get stuck together with sticky hairspray, it's up to Sunny to help them work together to get unstuck and save the day.

Sunny's Birthday Wish List

S1 E4
Aug 22, 2017
Doodle, Rox, and Blair get creative to help Sunny fulfill her very special birthday wish list.

Puppy Love

S1 E5
Aug 24, 2017
Doodle is smitten with a lost puppy, and with Sunny, Rox, and Blair's help, keeps the pup away from Scratch the Dog Catcher. The adventure leads to a daring rescue by Sunny and a surprise ending.

Style Swap

S1 E6
Aug 28, 2017
When Blair meets her idol, Mandy the pop star, it's discovered they look exactly alike. Envious of each other's lives, the girls trade places for the day but soon learn the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

Sunny and the Princesses

S1 E7
Aug 30, 2017
The girls style visiting Princesses and take the younger one, Annabella, on a fun-filled day around town. With Sunny's help, Annabella shows her sister Dominica the importance of trying new things, just in time for the ball.

Junior's Teddy Bear

S1 E8
Sep 07, 2017
When Junior loses his beloved toy bear, Teddy, Sunny, and the gang search all over town only to discover Teddy has been right under their noses in the care of a surprising someone.

Top Dog

S1 E9
Sep 20, 2017
Doodle enters the Perfect Pet Show Contest. With Sunny, Rox, and Blair's support, he overcomes obstacles, including Lacey and KC. In the final event, Doodle must decide if it's more important to win or help a friend in need.

Pumpkin Pursuit

S1 E10
Oct 12, 2017
Blair's beloved pumpkin costume is taken by Lacey right before the costume contest. Sunny, Rox, and Doodle help Blair track it down, but things go awry, leading Sunny to create a new kind of costume.

Messenger Mix-Up

S1 E11
Oct 05, 2017
When Sunny goes in search of her missing delivery of hair chalk, she is sent on a wild goose chase around town. Can she find her hair chalks and style Mandy the pop star in time for Mandy's important music video shoot?

The Royal Visit

S1 E12
Oct 26, 2017
Sunny and friends visit the palace for a royal ball welcoming Prince Dudley, the Princesses' egotistical cousin. Dudley soon finds himself in a tough spot, needing Sunny to rescue him, and discovers even princes need help sometimes.

If Timmy Gives You Apples

S1 E13
Nov 02, 2017
When Timmy's enthusiasm for delivering apples gets the better of him, the girls soon find the salon overflowing with fruit. Sunny must find a kind way to tell Timmy to stop and come up with a clever use for all those apples.

Best Christmas Ever

S1 E14
Dec 07, 2017
Sunny and Doodle are separated when a snowstorm traps Doodle at his cousins' house on Christmas Eve. Sunny and the gang devise an intrepid plan to trek through the snow and reach Doodle in time to spend the holiday together.

Lacey's Salon

S1 E15
Nov 16, 2017
Lacey opens her own salon to prove she's as good a stylist as Sunny. But when she ruins the hair of Dame Tralada, a visiting opera singer, Sunny must fix the Dame's hair and help Lacey realize where her true talents lie.

Wild Styled

S1 E16
Nov 30, 2017
The girls head into the woods for a camping trip. When Blair gets lost after running from what she thinks is a scary spider, Sunny and Rox must use their styling tools and skills in unconventional ways to save their friend.

Sunny's Not-So-Simple Concert

S1 E17
Jan 18, 2018
Sunny and the girls stage a concert for Johnny-Ray to showcase his country music talent. But Sunny gets caught up in her plans and doesn't listen to Johnny-Ray's feelings, which could turn the concert into a disaster.

Clowning Around

S1 E18
Feb 08, 2018
When Cousin Lulu runs off after accidentally ruining Junior's upcoming birthday party, it's up to Sunny, Rox, and Junior to track her down. Sunny discovers Lulu has a special skill; the perfect thing to save the party.

Poodle Puff Pals

S1 E19
Mar 22, 2018
Lacey and KC have a falling out when KC gets fed up with Lacey not listening to her. Sunny tries helping them reconcile, but it takes a few failed attempts-and interference from Scratch-before the friends finally reunite.

Cirque du Sunny

S1 E20
Apr 12, 2018
Junior is disappointed the circus isn't coming to Friendly Falls, and Sunny's inability to contact the ringmaster doesn't help. So she decides to put on a show of their own...which proves more difficult than she thought.

The Royal Portrait

S1 E21
May 13, 2018
Rox is excited about auditioning to make Prince Dudley's royal portrait, only for Dudley to appoint himself. When his portrait gets ruined, Rox finally gets her chance to shine, just in time for the portrait's big unveiling.

A Day at the Beach

S1 E22
Jun 03, 2018
The Surf Bros, a musical duo, get lost on the way to their beach concert. Sunny and Doodle have to use some high-flying balloon skills and styling tricks to find the guys and save the concert.

Sleepover Surprise

S1 E23
Jun 10, 2018
Everyone gets decked out in pajamas for a salon sleepover. When a mysterious visitor keeps interrupting the fun, Sunny & Co. devise a trap to catch the culprit - giving them all quite the surprise, and Rox a new pet bunny, Violet.

The Forever Home

S1 E24
Jun 17, 2018
The gang helps Scratch run a dog adoption at the pound, where Blair bonds with a shy dog named Rosie. When Rosie isn't adopted and then finds herself in trouble, Blair steps up to save the day - and becomes Rosie's forever home.

Lulu the Woodland Fairy

S1 E25
Jun 24, 2018
Lulu wants to become a Woodland Fairy, just like her cousin Rox. Sunny, Blair, and Doodle try helping Lulu, but they only seem to get in the way. When Sunny gets stuck, Lulu will finally get a chance to prove herself.

Sunny's Squad

S1 E26
Jul 08, 2018
Sunny, Rox, Blair, and Junior are playing soccer in their new uniforms when the competitive Lacey challenges them to a game. It's a mostly one-sided contest, until Junior and Blair learn where their true talents lie.

Band Together

S1 E27
Aug 10, 2018
Sunny and the gang put together a rock group to perform at the Friendly Falls Talent Show. When Lacey sabotages their performance, Sunny has to pull off some neat magic tricks to save the show.

Timmy's Big Day

S1 E28
Oct 20, 2018
Sunny & Co. cover Timmy's jobs for the day, so he can live out his dream as a rock star and play with the Surf Bros. A chaotic, hijinks-filled day ends with an awesome concert and a new appreciation for everything Timmy does.

Pancake Party

S1 E29
Oct 27, 2018
Suzette's birthday party is derailed when Johnny-Ray gets stuck in a hole with Timmy. Worse, Suzette and the pets get lost in the woods looking for Sunny & Co...who are also lost, requiring a wild farce to bring everyone together.

Cindy and the Cupcake Machine

S1 E30
Nov 03, 2018
Lacey builds a cupcake machine to keep the bakery open while Cindy recovers from a wrist injury. When Cindy heals, it's back to work-if she, with help from Sunny & Co., can stop the haywire machine from destroying the bakery.

Dance Buddies

S1 E31
Nov 10, 2018
Shy Cindy agrees to attend the "Buddy Dance" and convinces an equally shy shoe clerk, Rizwan, to attend as well. After a delivery mix-up jeopardizes the pair's chance to dance, Sunny has to lead them on a rescue mission.

Skating Siblings

S1 E32
Nov 17, 2018
After Junior wins the town skateboarding contest, Rox questions her favorite hobby. A sudden, reluctant star, Junior is soon overmatched against a neighboring champion, leading Rox to rediscover her passion - and help her brother.

Violet's Adventure

S1 E33
Nov 24, 2018
Violet takes Rox's skateboard for a wild ride around town. Though Rox doesn't catch up to Violet, an enamored Lacey does. When Violet again slips away, Sunny must help Rox pull off the ultimate ride to save her bunny.

A Different Duo

S1 E34
Dec 01, 2018
Johnny-Ray wins a chance to perform with Fee-B, a rap music star. However, their styles don't mesh and they part ways. It'll take Johnny-Ray helping Fee-B, Sunny, and the girls out of a jam to realize what the pair can achieve.


S1 E35
Jan 12, 2019
Doodle puts on special jumping shoes meant for stunt-girl Felix the Fearless. Doodle has fun jumping all over town - until he can't stop. When he does, it's in a tight spot way up high, and only Sunny can get him down.

Pet Parlor

S1 E36
Feb 02, 2019
When the salon is overrun with pet clients, Doodle dreams up a Pet Parlor that the girls, in cool Pet Parlor outfits, build with Timmy's help. But before it can open, they'll need to find - and save - Dame Tralada's dog.

Parlor Problems

S1 E37
Feb 23, 2019
Lacey and KC step in to manage the increasingly busy Pet Parlor, but lose track of Hannah's dog Tutu. It's not long before Sunny & Co. are roped into the farce, trying to undo a series of mix-ups before Tutu's big show.

A Berry Good Smell

S1 E38
Mar 23, 2019
Sunny and Doodle lead a search for a special berry - the ingredient to Dame Tralada's favorite shampoo. But when a bird, who eats the berries, grows fond of - and scoops up - Her Majesty, the Dame is faced with a difficult decision.

Three-Headed Rose

S1 E39
May 18, 2019
When Peter's prized flower wilts under Sunny, Rox, Blair, and Doodle's watch, they head to the woods to find another. Flower finding isn't easy, but the day is saved by a surprise from Peter - and a new hairstyle from Sunny.

The Royal Wedding

S1 E40
Jun 22, 2019
Dominica and Annabella's prince Corgi, George, bonds with a spunky, scruffy stray named Ginger. The dogs are set for a royal wedding, but when Scratch interferes, it'll be up to Sunny & Co to save the dogs - and the wedding.