Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

The Man Who Saved the World

S1 E1
Mar 23, 2020
See how Oleg Gordievsky risked everything and left everyone he loved in order to save his life...and the world.

Bombs in the Sky

S1 E2
Mar 30, 2020
Witness the massive security operation in London in 2006 to thwart a 9/11-inspired terrorist attack.

The Spies Next Door

S1 E3
Apr 6, 2020
See how Russian spies in the U.S. operated undetected and follow the FBI and CIA's efforts to stop them.

A Perfect Traitor

S1 E4
Apr 13, 2020
See how a disgruntled FBI agent spent years betraying the identities of American agents working in the Soviet Union.

Escape from Tehran

S1 E5
Apr 20, 2020
Host Damian Lewis examines the remarkable rescue of six U.S. diplomats trapped in Iran in 1980.

Trojan Horse

S1 E6
Apr 27, 2020
A disgruntled KGB officer helps the West plant faulty technology into the Soviet state.

The Merchant of Death

S1 E7
May 4, 2020
Discover how the DEA brought down the illegal arms dealer and former spy Viktor Bout.


S1 E8
May 11, 2020
Host Damian Lewis reveals the Mossad's audacious plan to rescue 12,000 Ethiopian Jews from Sudan.