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Season 1

Episode Guide

The Man Who Saved the World

S1 E1
Mar 22, 2020
At a time when the Cold War spying game was in full swing, Oleg Gordievsky was one of the KGB's rising stars...and biggest traitors. For years, he provided top-secret Russian intelligence to the British, but he is best remembered for risking his life in 1983 to pull the world back from the brink of nuclear annihilation. Presented by host Damian Lewis and backed by firsthand accounts by Gordievsky himself, we detail the spy's incredible career as a double agent and his gripping defection out of Russia.

Bombs in the Sky

S1 E2
Mar 29, 2020
It was the largest surveillance operation in British history, involving 800 agents monitoring 24 suspects around the clock in order to thwart a fiendish terrorist plot. Host Damian Lewis examines the 2006 joint investigation between MI5, London's Metropolitan Police Counter-Terrorism Unit, and the CIA to track down a homegrown Al Qaeda cell in east London and stop its plan to blow up multiple U.S.-bound passenger planes using liquid bombs.

The Spies Next Door

S1 E3
Apr 05, 2020
It was the biggest East-West swap since the Cold War: four CIA and MI6 agents traded for ten deep cover Russian agents caught posing as Americans across the country. The 2010 spy exchange itself was global news, but the events leading up to and following the trade would shock the world to its core. Join host Damian Lewis as he details the Russian plot and how the undoing of this operation marked the beginning of a new era of espionage with an ex-KGB spymaster at its heart: Vladimir Putin.

A Perfect Traitor

S1 E4
Apr 12, 2020
He was the most dangerous mole in intelligence history, an FBI security specialist who supplied the KGB with the identities of hundreds of U.S. double agents in Russia and thousands of pages of America's most closely guarded secrets. This is the story of Robert Hanssen, who systematically compromised every single operative the FBI had working in Russia. Host Damian Lewis reveals how Hanssen's actions pitted the CIA against the FBI and triggered a mole hunt that brought the American intelligence services to their knees.

Escape from Tehran

S1 E5
Apr 19, 2020
In November 1979, 53 American employees of the U.S. Embassy in Iran were taken hostage by Islamic revolutionaries. Six diplomats managed to escape, but getting out of the country seemed impossible. Enter CIA officer Tony Mendez, who used inspiration from Hollywood to school six frightened diplomats in the art of assuming false identities and pulled off a bold rescue mission during one of the darkest moments in American foreign policy history.

Trojan Horse

S1 E6
Apr 26, 2020
Once a rising star in the KGB during the 1960s, Vladimir Vetrov found himself pushed down the pecking order and stuck in a demeaning desk job. Disgruntled and seeking revenge, he made a decision that helped hasten the collapse of the entire Soviet system. Revisit one of the biggest spy stories of the Cold War and follow double agent Vetrov as he undermines the KGB's industrial espionage mission against the West by feeding faulty technology back to the Russians.

The Merchant of Death

S1 E7
May 03, 2020
It was called Operation Relentless, a secret intelligence plot devised by the United States' Drug Enforcement Administration to bring down the most deadly arms dealer in history: the Kremlin-backed Viktor Bout. Host Damian Lewis reveals how a team of undercover operatives pitted their wits against the notorious illegal arms trader, posing as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia and putting their lives on the line to stop him and his international drug-armament empire.


S1 E8
May 10, 2020
It was called Operation Brothers, a 1980s covert Mossad mission to rescue 12,000 Ethiopians, Jewish descendants of the lost tribe of Israel, from Sudan. The mission would take five years to pull off, involving an audacious plot, a maverick field agent, and a small group of deep cover operatives who ran a fake scuba diving resort so convincingly, they actually turned a profit. Host Damian Lewis guides us through the improbable rescue mission.