Season 7

Episode Guide

Cleopatra's Lost City

S7 E1
Aug 09, 2021
Canopus was a sacred city, beloved by Cleopatra and shaped not only by ancient Egyptians, but by Greeks, Romans, and Christians for millennia. And then it was gone...submerged beneath the waves by a series of earthquakes, floods, and rising seawater. Now, thanks to a unique, cutting edge excavation, the lost city of Canopus has been found, startling the archaeological world and revealing new secrets about this bustling, brilliant city and the saints, sinners, pharaohs, and emperors who occupied it.

Rome's Secret Weapon

S7 E2
Aug 16, 2021
In 2015, an archaeological investigation of an ancient Scottish battlefield uncovered a vast array of ballistic weaponry. X-ray scans revealed it came from a secret weapon called a manuballista, the Roman Empire's equivalent of an assault rifle. Military experts believe it was more accurate and more deadly than any other in the ancient world, but does reality match the legend? Join us as we reconstruct this terrifying killing machine to test its true power and to demonstrate how it stamped out resistance and paved the way for Rome's domination.

Underwater Stonehenge

S7 E3
Aug 23, 2021
A routine dive for shipwrecks off the Mediterranean coast turns into the discovery of a lifetime for maritime archaeologists Ehud Galili when he stumbles upon the perfectly preserved remains of a 9,000-year-old settlement. Among the findings: a megalithic stone circle, twice as old as Stonehenge. Who were the people who built this remarkable monument? Why did they do it? And what rituals were held here? A remarkable breakthrough in DNA technology may answer these and other questions surrounding this mysterious find.

Griffin Warrior

S7 E4
Aug 30, 2021
No single civilization has had more impact on history than the ancient Greeks. But how it all started has always been shrouded in mystery. But now, a remarkable new discovery is revealing the mysterious origins of one of history's greatest cultures. See how the discovery of a 3,500-year-old tomb of a warrior-king plus a hoard of treasures from the age of myths and legends is helping a team of archaeologists piece together the story of how ancient Greece sprang into life and destroyed the even older Minoan civilization in the process.

Riddle of the Roman Skulls

S7 E5
Sep 13, 2021
After over a thousand years of rule, the mighty Roman Empire was finally brought to its knees in the 5th century by the barbaric Huns, led by the infamous Attila. At least that's what we've been led to believe by ancient Roman writers. But a shocking discovery at a 1,600-year-old cemetery in Mozs, Hungary is changing history as we know it. See how the unearthing of 51 strangely shaped skulls triggered a groundbreaking archaeological investigation that is revealing a new version of the fall of those who experienced it firsthand.

Murdered Pharaoh

S7 E6
Sep 20, 2021
In 2014, a shocking and gruesome discovery was made in the ancient Egyptian city of Abydos: a tomb, untouched for thousands of years, containing the mutilated remains of pharaoh. Most remarkably of all, official records say this king never existed. Who was this unknown ruler and why is there no apparent record of his reign? Follow investigators across the globe as they attempt to piece together the life and death of Seneb-kay and the breakaway dynasty he governed during one of the most violent and volatile periods in the country's history.