Get A 360-Degree Behind-The-Scenes Tour Of SEAL Team

Follow Toni Trucks and Jessica Paré as they offer fans a full view of the C-17 cargo plane.
Posted on Nov 7, 2017 | 11:00am
What's cooler than a behind-the-scenes tour of a TV set?

360-degree video experience!

In this exclusive video, Toni Trucks and Jessica Paré take fans on a special 360-degree tour of SEAL Team's C-17 cargo plane. Check it out: 

"I think we shoot on the C-17 every episode," says Toni. "It's our main mode of transportation."

As the actors move on to a different spot in the plane, they explain various elements around them in the control center.

"Have you ever jumped out of a plane?" Jessica asks her co-star.

"No. I'm terrified," responds Toni.

Remember to look around as you watch the video, which will work slightly differently if you're using a regular computer screen (try using arrows or click-and-drag), touch screen (just swipe), or special VR headset (just look where you want!). You may need to watch a few times to notice everything.

Note: The 360-degree experience may not work in all apps and browsers. If you're experiencing technical problems on a mobile device, go to the Facebook app and search for the SEAL Team page or go to the YouTube app and search for the CBS channel. If you're using computer, try switching to a different browser (ex: Chrome instead of Safari) or try watching the video directly on SEAL Team's Facebook page or the CBS YouTube channel.

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