Here's Some Of The Military Lingo You'll Pick Up From Watching SEAL Team

What do "rucks," "WMD, "HVT," and other military terms mean?
Posted on Nov 1, 2017 | 10:50am
If you've been watching the new CBS military drama, SEAL Teamwhich airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS and CBS All Access—then you know the group uses a wide variety of authentic military terminology.

In case you've been wondering about the meaning behind some of these abbreviations and terms, then this glossary is just the thing for you.

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DEVGRU – US Navy Special Forces (FKA SEAL Team Six) (dev-grew)

Rucks – Backpacks

JDAM – Joint Direct Attack Munition (jay-dam)

DOD – Dept. Of Defense (dee-oh-dee) (SEAL Team uses "DOD" in the episode entitled "Collapse")

WMD – Weapon Of Mass Destruction (W-M-D)

HAHO – High Altitude High Opening (hay-hoe)

Strykers – Armored Vehicles

APC – Armored Personnel Carrier (A-P-C) (SEAL Team uses "APC" in the episode entitled "Ghosts Of Christmas Future")

BSO – Basic Security Option (B-S-O)

EOD – Explosive Ordinance Disposal (E-O-D)

BUD/S – Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training (buds)

AAR – After Action Review (A-A-R)

HVT – High Value Target (H-V-T)

PNG – Persona Non Grata (P-N-G)

Pipehitter – Goes to extremes to get it done

MOPP – Mission Oriented Protective Posture; protective gear (mop)

NVD – Night Vision Device (N-V-D)

CA – Civil Affairs (C-A)

SAD – Special Activities Division (sad)

Peshmerga – Iraqi Kurdistan Military Forces (pesh-MER-gah)

TOC – Tactical Operations Center (tock)

Sitrep – Report on current military situation

Two I.C. – Second in command (2-I-C)

JSOC – Joint Special Operations Command (jay-sock)

TIC – Troops In Contact (i.e., firefight) (tick)

ROE – Rules Of Engagement (R-O-E)

ODA – Operational Detachment Alpha (O-D-A) (SEAL Team uses "ODA" in the episode entitled "Boarding Party")

FSA – Free Syrian Army (F-S-A)

Oscar Mike (OM) – On Mission MRAZRs (em-razors)

S&T – Selection and Training

PT – Physical Training (P-T)

Op – Operation

CentCom – Central Command

NGO – Non-Governmental Organization (N-G-O)

VX – Nerve Gas (vee-x)

Mike – Minute (SEAL Team uses "Mike" in the episode entitled "Boarding Party")‚Äč

O LINE – Offensive Line (oh-line)

What other terminology will we get familiar with over the course of SEAL Team?

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