Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

The Legend of Capitán Calavera

S1 E1
Oct 10, 2020
When Santiago discovers the lost treasure of the legendary Capitán Calavera, he and his friends become the new Pirate Protectors of Isla Encanto.

The Magic Spyglass/The Stone of Life

S1 E2
Oct 17, 2020
The Magic Spyglass/The Stone of Life: Santi and crew are after the legendary Magic Spyglass! Santi and crew follow a map to a special treasure, but Bonnie and Sir Butterscotch are hot on their trail.

To the Lighthouse/The Golden Giant

S1 E3
Oct 24, 2020
To the Lighthouse/The Golden Giant: When a storm blows out the lighthouse light, Santi and crew hurry to guide Mami and Abuelo back from sea. When Enrique awakens a giant, Santi and crew must find a way to save the day.

Princess and the Pirate Puppy/Caracol Cove

S1 E4
Oct 31, 2020
Princess and the Pirate Puppy/Caracol Cove: Santi and crew will have to team up with a pirate puppy to stop Bonnie Bones and save an old friend. Enrique's new gold-digging machine threatens Lorelai's home.

The Night of the Turtles/Santiago's Regatta

S1 E5
Nov 7, 2020
The Night of the Turtles/Santiago's Regatta: When Bonnie kidnaps newly-hatched turtles before they can swim to momma out at sea, Santi and crew are on the move. Santi and crew struggle to win the Isla Encanto Regatta when Enrique starts to cheat.

Santiago of the Seas: Pirate Play Along Adventure

S1 E6
Nov 13, 2021
Santiago, Lorelai, and Tomás want YOU to join their crew! Play along to see if you have what it takes to be a good pirate.

Santiago of the Seas: Pirate Treasure Playoff

S1 E7
Mar 12, 2022
It's a special game show edition of Santiago of the Seas! Santiago, Tomas, and Lorelai have been trapped by Bonnie Bones and her crew. Play along to see if you have what it takes to set them free.

The Treasure in the Sky/Sidekick Switcheroo

S1 E8
Jan 9, 2021
After finding a cosmic treasure map, Santiago and crew take to the stars to track the treasure down. During a high seas scuffle, Kiko and Sir Butterscotch swap places!

Cecilia and the Magic Rubies/Under the Pirate Moon

S1 E9
Jan 16, 2021
Cecilia and the Magic Rubies/Under the Pirate Moon: Santi and crew go underwater to stop Escarlata la Pirata before she steals all the Magic Rubies! It's a nighttime chase above and below the sea when Escarlata turns the moon into a fish.

The Treasure of El Bravo

S1 E10
Feb 6, 2021
After Enrique steals the heart of El Bravo, there's only one person who can help Santi and crew save the day: Tomás's younger sister, Prima Tina!

Lorelai's Bracelet/Cecelia And The Ghost Ship

S1 E11
Feb 20, 2021
Bonnie steals Lorelai's bracelet, turning herself into a mermaid and while trapping Lorelai in human form! Santi and crew must overcome ghostly shenanigans to save Cecilia from the dreaded Ghost Ship.

Shrunken Ships/The Pirate Parade

S1 E12
Mar 12, 2021
When Escarlata turns the crew tiny, they have to find a pint-sized way to save the day. It's time for the annual Pirate Parade! That is, unless Escarlata has anything to say about it.

A Pirate Christmas

S1 E13
Nov 20, 2020
Santiago and crew have to help Santa save Christmas!

Santiago's Greatest Treasure/The Golden Banana Treasure

S1 E14
Mar 19, 2021
When Bonnie Bones steals a chest of pirate treasures, Santiago learns just how much he needs his crew. Santi and crew navigate the tricky Banana Island to save a baby monkey from Enrique.

The Silver Lasso/The Sea Dragon's Treasure

S1 E15
Apr 30, 2021
Santiago and Mami team up to take down an old foe and retrieve a lost family treasure. After Enrique nabs a Sea Dragon's golden egg, it's up to the good pirates to nab it back before things get out of control.

The Curse of the Gold Falcon/The Island of Lost Things

S1 E16
May 14, 2021
Santiago and crew set sail to return the Golden Falcon idol back to its rightful resting place. When Santiago's magic sword is transported to the Island of Lost Things, the good pirates have to track it down by getting themselves lost!

The Enchanted Melody/Chicken Abuelo

S1 E17
Jun 11, 2021
When Escarlata gets ahold of an enchanted guitar riff, all of th eunderseas may soon fall under her spell. Tomás accidentally turns Abuelo into a chicken!

Tomás's Birthday Surprise/Family Treasure Hunt

S1 E18
Jul 4, 2021
Santiago, Lorelai and Abuelo traverse treacherous waters to bring Tomás a special birthday surprise. It's a good ol' fashioned family competition as everyone pairs up to find the fabled treasure of La Caverna Secreta.

Triton's Trumpet/The Curse of the Pirate Baby

S1 E19
Jul 12, 2021
Santiago and crew must retrieve a powerful undersea artifact after it is stolen by Enrique. Bonnie Bones transforms into a baby, and it's up to the good pirates to change her back.

Santiago and Bonnie to the Rescue/The Compass Caper

S1 E20
Sep 24, 2021
After getting stranded at the bottom of a crevice, Bonnie and Santiago must team up to save the day. Santiago is on a mad dash to get his compass back after it's nabbed by Bonnie Bones and Sir Butterscotch.

The Mysterious Island/Mystery of the Vam-Pirates

S1 E21
Oct 21, 2021
On Halloween night, Santiago and his crew must retrieve the legendary Treasure Treats from La Isla Misteriosa. Santiago encounters a real-life vampire! The two must team up to rescue their crews.

Deep Freeze/The Trojan Seahorse

S1 E22
Nov 19, 2021
The biggest party of the year could be cancelled after Escarlata la Pirata freezes the high seas! Bonnie Bones is on the run with the museum's priceless treasures, but Santi and crew won't let her get far.