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    Russian Revolution in Color

    S1 E1 Freedom and Hope

    The Russian Revolution, one of the defining moments in world history, began as a simple demonstration over bread. But the demands of factory workers soon transformed into a political movement that became so powerful it brought one of the greatest empires to its knees. Relive the first stages in Russia's new era of socialism, from optimistic beginnings to the ominous direction it took under the rule of Lenin and the Bolshevik Party.

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Russian Revolution in Color
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"Peace, Land, Bread" was the slogan of the Russian Revolution, but the idealistic social experiment was doomed from the start. In its first three years under Lenin's Bolshevik rule, millions were killed, and within a generation, nearly a third of the world's population lived under the shadow of Communism. This two-part series examines this tumultuous political event, detailing its growth from a peaceful bread protest to full-blown social upheaval.
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Russian Revolution in Color