Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Ricky Wobbles/The Out of Controller

S1 E1
Sep 01, 2019
Ricky and the buddies are performing at Steel Awesome Fest. The Bike Buddies recreate a remote "controller" from a Steel Awesome movie.

Flat Out Awesome/Ricky's Rescue Coaching Badge

S1 E2
Sep 13, 2019
Loop gets a flat tire on the way to a Steel Awesome stunt show. Ricky and the buddies work together so that Loop doesn't miss the show. Ricky is over eager when he and the buddies visit Hank and Helen to get their rescue badges.

The Most Amazing Thing Put in a Box Ever/The New Rescue Tool

S1 E3
Sep 15, 2019
Worried that he always messes things up, Loop is determined to be true to his word. Ricky accidentally mistakes his dad's new rescue ramp as a toy from a breakfast cereal contest.

New Bike On the Block/Little Buster Bunker

S1 E4
Sep 18, 2019
Ricky starts pretending to be someone he's not when his friends seem to like his cousin Dasher better than him. Officer Bunker's grandson Buster learns from Toot that some rules can be broken, and some are there for a good reason.

The Wheelford Wheeler/Ricky's Role Model

S1 E5
Sep 19, 2019
Maxwell tells the buddies about the famous masked rescue racer The Wheelford Wheeler. Ricky and the buddies are asked to choose their heroes as part of a school project.

Ricky Blows Away the Competition/Blip Delivers

S1 E6
Sep 20, 2019
Toot asks Ricky to help her build a kite for her school project. The Buddies help Blip practice to break his Dad's pizza delivery record.

Starring Ricky/True Loopness

S1 E7
Sep 21, 2019
Ricky and the Buddies make a movie about Wheelford for a school project. Loop tries to stay clean to get his photo taken for his Dad.

Tired and True/Scootio Changes Lanes

S1 E8
Oct 07, 2019
Ricky is scared to get his tires changed at Maxwell's, so he pretends he already had a tire change. Scootio wants to show her parents how responsible she is and is given the job of paint crew leader on the school track.

Problem at Windshield Point/Two Wheel Justice

S1 E9
Oct 29, 2019
Scootio's iPad stops working so Ricky, Loop and DJ ride to the top of Windshield Point to help her. The Buddies go on a bike-along with Officer Bunker.

Super Awesome Magnet/Time Capsule

S1 E10
Oct 30, 2019
The buddies are using Maxwell's super magnet to gather metal for a super ramp. Ricky and the buddies each put an item in a time capsule.

Ricky's on a Roll/Rock the Float

S1 E11
Oct 31, 2019
On his way to help DJ and his parents, Ricky gets stuck inside the adventure park Bike Sphere. DJ is asked to pull a Steel Awesome float for the Hero Day parade, but he doesn't know if he's strong enough.

The Mega-Whirely-Leap/Trike Trials

S1 E12
Nov 01, 2019
Ricky is chosen to perform a big school ramp stunt in front of Steel Awesome! DJ can't play on the new play structure because of his extra wheel.

Wheelo-ween/Zoom Encounters

S1 E13
Dec 01, 2019
Ricky and the buddies think that a ghost is driving around Wheelford during the traditional Wheelo-ween trick or treat. Maxwell and the buddies think that aliens are visiting Wheelford.

SantaCycle Down/Shining

S1 E14
Dec 06, 2019
Ricky and the buddies help Santa Cycle when he crashes lands in Wheelford on Christmas Eve. Scootio's parents are putting on a light display in Wheelford.

Ramp It Up/Toot & the Wheelies

S1 E15
Jan 15, 2020
Ricky is asked to look after Toot and won't let her go on any of the exciting rides in the adventure park. When Ricky is busy playing with Dasher and leaving his friends out, the other buddies form a new club with Toot.

Family Sports Day/Trading Places

S1 E16
Jan 18, 2020
Helen Zoom and Whoopie Whizzbang become very competitive at a family sports day race. When Officer Bunker takes a day off, Don must fill in for him as the town's police officer.

Saving Mr. Speedy/Toot's Invisible Friend

S1 E17
Mar 09, 2020
Toot loses her beloved ball, Mr. Speedy. Ricky and the buddies are arranging a birthday party for Maxwell.

Ruled by Ricky/Mrs. Bikely Up All Nightly

S1 E18
Mar 11, 2020
Officer Bunker puts Ricky and his buddies in charge of his fun balloon stand during the Wheelford Fair. The buddies discover that Mrs. Bikely is sleep biking, the bike equivalent of sleepwalking.

Blip in Charge/The Crosswalk Helper

S1 E19
Mar 13, 2020
Ricky and the buddies help Blip to become a good leader in an Easter Egg hunt. Ricky is upset when Loop is crowned the class Crosswalk Helper instead of him.

Show & Tell Trouble/Steel Awesome Meets Vroomboy

S1 E20
May 17, 2020
At the School Fair, Loop breaks DJ & Scootio's Mega Beat Blaster they built for their Show & Tell project. Steel Awesome uses Hank and Helen as research for his next movie role.

False Alarm/The Zoomtastic Gang

S1 E21
May 24, 2020
Ricky overhears a Steel Awesome movie on his emergency radio and thinks it's an actual plot by Mufflerkrunk to hypnotize everyone in town. Ricky and his buddies find a special star-shaped badge that they believe gives them superpowers.

Maxwell Gets a Little Help/Ricky's Litter Round Up

S1 E22
May 24, 2020
Ricky and the buddies help Maxwell at the garage when he sprains his spokes. Ricky accidentally throws out his dad's oldest and most special emergency light.

The Ramp Camp Bikeout/The Gold Ticket Rush

S1 E23
May 25, 2020
Maxwell takes Blip and Dasher on a camping trip but says Ricky and the buddies need to camp at home as they're too young to camp in the woods. There are only four gold tickets to Steel Awesome's premiere! The race is on to find the tickets!

Ricky's in a Twist/RepairBops

S1 E24
May 26, 2020
Steel Awesome's new comic features a shocking plot twist. Scootio programs her Scootbops to perform repairs just like Maxwell, but quicker.

Slippy Street/Bike Buddies Super Speedy Delivery Service

S1 E25
Jul 23, 2020
Ricky and the buddies set up a bike wash but don't follow instructions from Maxwell on how much polish to use. Ricky and the Buddies form their own delivery service, with a guarantee to be the fastest delivery service in Wheelford!

Loop Hero of Wheelford/Toot De Suite

S1 E26
Jul 30, 2020
Loop starts to think he is a real rescue bike after Officer Bunker gives him a pretend medal for getting Buster's ball out of a tree. Helen allows Toot to take over an emergency dispatcher for the day.