Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide


S1 E1
Jul 8, 2016
By transforming shipwrecks into makeshift coral reefs, Bonaire has created a haven for underwater life.

Florida Keys Shipwreck Trail

S1 E2
Jul 8, 2016
Preserved in watery graves, the Florida Keys' vast collection of historic shipwrecks are home to a variety of life.


S1 E3
Jul 8, 2016
Dramatic shipwrecks and crystal clear water make this Caribbean paradise the underwater filming capital of the world.


S1 E4
Jul 8, 2016
Find out why the waters off the coast of Roatan are packed with ships that were sunk on purpose.

Mexico's Artificial Reefs

S1 E5
Jun 5, 2017
Join stunning sea life on a tour through the sunken vessels and turquoise waters off Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.