Episode Guide

Season 6

Episode Guide

6/23: Red and Blue

S6 E454
Jun 23, 2022
Jan. 6 committee holds 5th public hearing; Rep. Pete Aguilar on the Jan. 6 public hearings

6/22: Red and Blue

S6 E453
Jun 22, 2022
Biden calls for federal gas tax holiday; Former VP Mike Pence criticizes Biden

6/21: Red and Blue

S6 E452
Jun 21, 2022
Day 4 of the Jan. 6 committee hearings; Biden names Marilynn Malerba U.S. Treasurer

6/20: Red and Blue

S6 E451
Jun 20, 2022
Biden considers supporting gas tax holiday; Americans celebrate Juneteenth

6/16: Red and Blue

S6 E449
Jun 16, 2022
Day 3 of the Jan. 6 House committee hearings; Vice President Kamala Harris aims to combat online harassment

6/15: Red and Blue

S6 E449
Jun 15, 2022
Biden pushes oil companies on gas production; FDA panel supports COVID vaccine for kids under 5

6/14: Red and Blue

S6 E448
Jun 14, 2022
President Biden on the current state of U.S. economy; Stocks tumble over inflation, interest rates fears

6/13: Red and Blue

S6 E447
Jun 13, 2022
Jan. 6 committee holds second public hearing; Food prices increased 10% over past year

6/9: Red and Blue

S6 E446
Jun 09, 2022
What to expect from Jan. 6 committee hearing; White House prepares to distribute COVID vaccines to kids under 5

6/8: Red and Blue

S6 E445
Jun 08, 2022
Gas prices reach record high average per gallon; Biden to attend G7 & NATO meetings on Ukraine

6/7: Red and Blue

S6 E444
Jun 07, 2022
Biden administration aiming to combat inflation; FDA advisory panel discusses Novavax COVID vaccine

6/6: Red and Blue

S6 E443
Jun 06, 2022
Congressional efforts on gun control; FLOTUS unveils postage stamp honoring Nancy Reagan

6/2: Red and Blue

S6 E442
Jun 02, 2022
At least four dead after shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma; White House to pay interns for first time in history

6/1: Red and Blue

S6 E441
Jun 01, 2022
Gun control talks continue on Capitol Hill; Adm. Linda Fagan becomes commandant of Coast Guard.

5/31: Red and Blue

S6 E440
May 31, 2022
Congress discussing bipartisan gun control bills; Biden looks to curb inflation

5/26: Red and Blue

S6 E439
May 26, 2022
New details emerge in Texas school shooting; U.S. jobless claims near 50-year low

5/25: Red and Blue

S6 E438
May 25, 2022
Texas school shooting leaves 19 kids and two adults dead; Military to rename nine U.S. bases

5/23: Red and Blue

S6 E437
May 23, 2022
Biden says U.S. would defend Taiwan from Chinese invasion; New York judge approves new congressional map

5/19: Red and Blue

S6 E436
May 19, 2022
U.S. Senate passes $40B Ukraine aid package; Rise in U.S. unemployment claims

5/18: Red and Blue

S6 E435
May 18, 2022
Midterm primaries held in five states; White House discusses youth mental health with Selena Gomez

5/17: Red and Blue

S6 E434
May 17, 2022
Primary elections underway in 5 states; Congressional committee holds UFO hearing

5/16: Red and Blue

S6 E433
May 16, 2022
10 dead, 3 injured in Buffalo shooting; officials work to address baby formula shortage

5/12: Red and Blue

S6 E432
May 12, 2022
McCarthy among GOP House members subpoenaed over Jan. 6; First woman to head U.S. military branch

5/11: Red and Blue

S6 E431
May 11, 2022
GOP blocks bill to make Roe v. Wade federal law; Honoring police dogs who died in line of duty

5/10: Red and Blue

S6 E430
May 10, 2022
President Biden speaks on combating inflation; House hearing on "unidentified aerial vehicles"

5/9: Red and Blue

S6 E429
May 09, 2022
Biden signs bill to streamline Ukraine aid; Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper discusses Trump and the GOP

5/5: Red and Blue

S6 E428
May 05, 2022
Russian bombardment of Mariupol continues; Hillary Clinton on the future of abortion rights

5/4: Red and Blue

S6 E427
May 04, 2022
Federal Reserve raising interest rates; Hawaii lawmakers pass bill to raise minimum wage

5/3: Red and Blue

S6 E426
May 03, 2022
Leaked draft opinion reveals Roe v. Wade in peril; Record number of Americans quit jobs in March

5/2: Red and Blue

S6 E425
May 02, 2022
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in Poland after Kyiv visit; White House Correspondents' Dinner returns

4/28: Red and Blue

S6 E424
Apr 28, 2022
Biden pushes for more aid for Ukraine; Moderna seeks FDA authorization for kids' COVID vaccine

4/27: Red and Blue

S6 E423
Apr 27, 2022
American Trevor Reed released by Russia; SpaceX launches historic mission to space station

4/26: Red and Blue

S6 E422
Apr 26, 2022
Vice President Kamala Harris tests positive for COVID; Rise in crimes targeting U.S. Jewish community

4/25: Red and Blue

S6 E421
Apr 25, 2022
Biden administration emphasizes commitment to Ukraine; Georgia GOP gubernatorial candidates clash in debate

4/21: Red and Blue

S6 E420
Apr 21, 2022
U.S. to send $800 million more in aid to Ukraine; U.S. jobless claims hit 52-year low

4/20: Red and Blue

S6 E419
Apr 20, 2022
Russian forces continue offensive on Mariupol; GOP governors form task force on U.S.-Mexico border

4/19: Red and Blue

S6 E418
Apr 19, 2022
Russia bombards eastern Ukraine; Postal services slows delivery times for some packages

4/18: Red and Blue

S6 E417
Apr 18, 2022
Russia batters Ukraine with airstrikes; Democratic group aims for impact at local level

4/14: Red and Blue

S6 E416
Apr 14, 2022
Brooklyn subway shooting suspect held without bail; Jobless claims rise after hitting 54-year low

4/13: Red and Blue

S6 E415
Apr 13, 2022
NYC subway shooting suspect arrested; Library of Congress adding 25 recordings to registry

4/12: Red and Blue

S6 E414
Apr 12, 2022
Inflation spikes to highest level since 1982; Oklahoma governor signs near total ban on abortion

4/11: Red and Blue

S6 E413
Apr 11, 2022
Ukraine calls for aid as Russian troops regroup; Gender "X" option now available on U.S. passports

4/7: Red and Blue

S6 E412
Apr 07, 2022
Senate confirms Ketanji Brown Jackson to Supreme Court; New jobless claims fall to 54-year low

4/6: Red and Blue

S6 E411
Apr 06, 2022
More sanctions imposed on Putin's inner circle; Admiral Linda Fagan nominated to lead Coast Guard

4/5: Red and Blue

S6 E410
Apr 05, 2022
Zelenskyy addresses U.N. Security Council; Biden administration to extend student loan freeze

4/4: Red and Blue

S6 E409
Apr 04, 2022
Russia accused of civilian massacre in Ukraine; Cryptocurrency scams on the rise in U.S.

3/31: Red and Blue

S6 E408
Mar 31, 2022
NATO says Russia is regrouping for new Ukraine offensive; Arizona governor signs controversial bills

3/30: Red and Blue

S6 E407
Mar 30, 2022
Russia's military operations around Kyiv; Deadline looms to collect unclaimed tax refunds

3/29: Red and Blue

S6 E406
Mar 29, 2022
Russia says it will reduce military operations near Kyiv; Gap revealed in Trump's January 6 phone records

3/28: Red and Blue

S6 E405
Mar 28, 2022
Russian military remains stalled in Ukraine; Rent soars to record highs in U.S. cities