Episode Guide

Season 7

Episode Guide

4/27: Red and Blue

S7 E67
Apr 27, 2023
Former President Donald Trump holds first campaign event since President Biden launched his 2024 reelection bid; Disney sues Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

4/26: Red and Blue

S7 E66
Apr 26, 2023
House voting Wednesday on McCarthy's debt ceiling bill; Weighing Biden, Harris ratings amid reelection aim

4/25: Red and Blue

S7 E65
Apr 25, 2023
CBS News Poll: 55% of Dems want Biden 2024 run; House GOP may hinder McCarthy debt limit bill

4/24: Red and Blue

S7 E64
Apr 24, 2023
Biden expected to launch reelection bid this week; What does Carlson leaving Fox News mean for GOP?

4/20: Red and Blue

S7 E63
Apr 20, 2023
President Biden, Speaker McCarthy at odds over debt ceiling; Robert F. Kennedy Jr. launches presidential bid.

4/19: Red and Blue

S7 E62
Apr 19, 2023
Abortion pill access extended until at least Friday; Pence chides Trump in keynote at energy conference

4/18: Red and Blue

S7 E61
Apr 18, 2023
McCarthy appeals to GOP to back his debt strategy; Vivek Ramaswamy on what he brings that Trump doesn't.

4/17: Red and Blue

S7 E60
Apr 17, 2023
McCarthy pledges vote on debt limit hike with cuts; What caused delays in the Fox News defamation trial?

4/13: Red and Blue

S7 E59
Apr 13, 2023
Suspect arrested in classified Pentagon documents leak; NRA's annual convention begins Friday.

4/12: Red and Blue

S7 E58
Apr 12, 2023
Tim Scott fuels speculation of possible 2024 run; Sensitive data about Biden Ireland trip leaked

4/11: Red and Blue

S7 E57
Apr 11, 2023
Gang of 8 gets access to classified docs from Biden, Trump, Pence properties; What Dominion v. Fox News pretrial motions tell us.

4/10: Red and Blue

S7 E56
Apr 10, 2023
DOJ investigating leak of Pentagon documents; What can history teach about Trump criminal case?

4/6: Red and Blue

S7 E55
Apr 06, 2023
Biden administration releases review of Afghanistan exit; Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr. launches 2024 presidential bid.

4/5: Red and Blue

S7 E54
Apr 05, 2023
A look at the court timeline in the New York criminal case against former President Donald Trump; How the experiences of other Russia detainees could give insight into the case involving the recently arrested Wall Street Journal reporter.

4/4: Red and Blue

S7 E53
Apr 04, 2023
Trump pleads not guilty in court appearance; What Trump supporters and critics are saying of arraignment.

4/3: Red and Blue

S7 E52
Apr 03, 2023
Trump arrives in N.Y. ahead of arraignment; How does the Trump case affect Biden & 2024?

3/30: Red and Blue

S7 E51
Mar 30, 2023
Issues unresolved as House and Senate head into two-week recess; Ukrainian ambassador to the U.S. throws first pitch at Washington Nationals game.

3/29: Red and Blue

S7 E50
Mar 29, 2023
Congressional hearings held on bank failures, union busting and TikTok; How former Vice President Pence is responding to a judge's order to testify in the investigation into former President Donald Trump.

3/28: Red and Blue

S7 E49
Mar 28, 2023
Lawmakers urge action after school shooting; Trump dealing with legal battles as 2024 campaign rolls on.

3/27: Red and Blue

S7 E48
Mar 27, 2023
Lawmakers react to deadly school shooting in Tennessee; What other candidates could arise for 2024 bid?

3/23: Red and Blue

S7 E47
Mar 23, 2023
TikTok CEO defends app at House hearing; D.C.'s cherry blossoms in full bloom this weekend.

3/22: Red and Blue

S7 E46
Mar 22, 2023
N.Y. grand jury probing Trump delays its meeting; Is this the start of gloves off for DeSantis, Trump?

3/21: Red and Blue

S7 E45
Mar 21, 2023
Grand jury considers possible charges against Trump; How Xi-Putin agreement impacts Ukraine war.

3/20: Red and Blue

S7 E44
Mar 20, 2023
Washington reacts to possible Trump indictment; Chinese leader visits Russia to meet with Putin.

3/16: Red and Blue

S7 E43
Mar 16, 2023
Janet Yellen testifies before Senate Finance Committee; Pence faces New Hampshire voters after criticizing Trump about Jan. 6.

3/15: Red and Blue

S7 E42
Mar 15, 2023
Lawmakers rebuke DeSantis for Ukraine comments; What's at stake in Texas case over abortion pill?

3/14: Red and Blue

S7 E41
Mar 14, 2023
DOJ investigates collapse of Silicon Valley Bank; George Santos files paperwork for '24 reelection campaign.

3/13: Red and Blue

S7 E40
Mar 13, 2023
Federal government takes action after collapse of two banks; Trump visits Iowa, drawing comparisons with DeSantis.

3/9: Red and Blue

S7 E39
Mar 09, 2023
Sen. Mitch McConnell hospitalized with a concussion; Ex-Trump official Ken Cuccinelli launches PAC for Ron DeSantis.

3/8: Red and Blue

S7 E38
Mar 08, 2023
U.S. intelligence leaders detail global threats; How GOP Iowa visits tie into '24 campaign agendas.

3/7: Red and Blue

S7 E37
Mar 07, 2023
Two Americans dead, two rescued after kidnapping in Mexico; Women and doctors sue Texas over abortion ban.

3/6: Red and Blue

S7 E36
Mar 06, 2023
How 2024 affects the Washington D.C. crime bill; What is Fox News' defense in defamation suit?

3/2: Red and Blue

S7 E35
Mar 02, 2023
President Biden meets with Senate Democrats on Capitol Hill; Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis continues book tour amid 2024 speculation.

3/1: Red and Blue

S7 E34
Mar 01, 2023
Exclusive interview as Pence weighs 2024 plans; House response to McCarthy, Carlson exchange.

2/28: Red and Blue

S7 E33
Feb 28, 2023
Ron DeSantis on book tour as 2024 speculation swirls; How Supreme Court student loan case could alter executive power.

2/27: Red and Blue

S7 E32
Feb 27, 2023
New report reignites debate over origins of COVID; Michigan Rep. Elissa Slotkin announces Senate bid.

2/23: Red and Blue

S7 E31
Feb 23, 2023
Tensions rise between U.S.-China over Russia's war in Ukraine; 2024 GOP presidential field begins to take shape.

2/22: Red and Blue

S7 E30
Feb 22, 2023
Democrats decry Tucker Carlson's access to Jan. 6 tapes; What does Vivek Ramaswamy bring to the 2024 GOP race?

2/21: Red and Blue

S7 E29
Feb 21, 2023
President Biden's Poland trip drums up support for Ukraine; Which other GOP candidates will challenge Trump for nomination?

Red & Blue Special Edition: Focus Group about Election Integrity

S7 E28
Feb 20, 2023
CBS News chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett participates in a focus group about the 2020 election and the integrity of U.S. elections moderated by Frank Luntz and hosted by Arizona State University, the University of Southern California and Arizona PBS.

2/16: Red and Blue

S7 E27
Feb 16, 2023
President Biden speaks about recent airborne objects; DHS intel chief on safety preparations to prevent attacks similar to Jan. 6.

2/15: Red and Blue

S7 E26
Feb 15, 2023
Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley launches presidential campaign in home state; How past candidates announced presidential bids.

2/14: Red and Blue

S7 E25
Feb 14, 2023
Urge for transparency after several unknown objects shot down by U.S. military; White House feels love, dons Valentine's Day decorations.

2/13: Red and Blue

S7 E24
Feb 13, 2023
President Biden receives pushback over unidentified objects; Judge orders release of parts of Trump grand jury report.

2/9: Red and Blue

S7 E23
Feb 09, 2023
George Santos' work for firm accused of Ponzi scheme drew scrutiny; 2024 GOP presidential field begins to take shape.

2/8: Red and Blue

S7 E22
Feb 08, 2023
President Biden trumpets economic agenda in Wisconsin; How Mr. Biden's State of the Union address compares to past speeches.

2/7: Red and Blue

S7 E21
Feb 07, 2023
Polling predicts challenges for Biden's State of the Union; What Democrats' and Republicans' game plans look like ahead of the speech.

2/6: Red and Blue

S7 E20
Feb 06, 2023
President Biden defends his response to China's spy balloon; Potential candidates emerging for 2024 campaign.

2/2: Red and Blue

S7 E19
Feb 02, 2023
President Biden meets with Congressional Black Caucus on police reform; House votes to remove Rep. Ilhan Omar from Foreign Affairs Committee.

2/1: Red and Blue

S7 E18
Feb 01, 2023
No classified documents found in FBI search of President Biden's Delaware vacation home; Where gun reform and immigration policy land in the Senate.