Season 2

Episode Guide

What A Gas/Turtle Trek

S2 E1
Feb 02, 2019
The Rangers save the cows that are currently providing power to Preston's farm via their methane gas burps. The Rangers save a newly hatched baby turtle who struggles to find the ocean.

Tornado Hunters/The Air Up There

S2 E2
Feb 09, 2019
The Rangers save Patty and Preston from a tornado. The Rangers save the air in a polluted city.

Dust In The Wind/Catch a Tiger

S2 E3
Feb 16, 2019
The Rangers save a family of Javelinas from an intense desert dust storm. The Rangers help save a tiger thought to be extinct.

A Hot Topic/Giant Catfish

S2 E4
May 04, 2019
The Rangers help to save the unique animals at a hydrothermal vent. The Rangers rescue a giant catfish.

Prairie Dog Day Afternoon/We Didn't Start the Fire Ants

S2 E5
Jun 01, 2019
The Rangers save a keystone species. The Rangers help get rid of invasive fire ants.

Look Out Lemur/Don't Move A Mussel

S2 E6
Jun 29, 2019
The Rangers save a lemur and teach Preston Praxton about terraced farming. The Rangers save a lake from invasive zebra mussels.

Praxton Islands, Inc./Get The Lead Out

S2 E7
Aug 03, 2019
The Rangers deal with issues from artificial islands. The Rangers save a family from lead in their home water supply.

The Tortoise and the Heiress/Getting Swampy

S2 E8
Aug 31, 2019
The Rangers save a tortoise from off-road vehicles. The Rangers save peatland from fires.

The Otter and the Oil/Icebreakers

S2 E9
Sep 14, 2019
The Rangers help to save an otter from an oil tanker leak, then plug and clean the leak. The Rangers save a pod of orcas.

Coral Calamity/S'no Problem

S2 E10
Sep 21, 2019
The Rangers help to save the New Caledonia Barrier Reef. The Rangers save Patty and Preston from an avalanche.

A Whale of a Problem/Bee Like Lavender

S2 E11
Sep 28, 2019
The Rangers rescue a beached whale who has been tormented by sonar waves. The Rangers help to stop a bee colony from collapse.

Monkey Business/Lost Panda Cub

S2 E12
Sep 28, 2019
Rosie, Lavender, and Pepper journey to the Amazon to save a marmoset that Preston Paxton has captured as a pet for his daughter Patty. The Rangers help a lost panda cub get home.