Season 2

Episode Guide

Napoleon Bonaparte

S2 E1
May 17, 2020
Napoleon Bonaparte was a workaholic and a military genius who rose up the ranks to become Emperor of the French. Through a series of wars, he acquired an empire on a scale not seen since ancient Rome. But a string of military failures, first in Russia and lastly in Waterloo, decimated France as well as his legacy. To understand Napoleon the man, we visit the palaces from where he ran his empire, uncover his private relationships, and reveal how the "man of destiny" coped with humiliating defeat.

Edward VIII

S2 E2
May 24, 2020
King Edward VIII was on the throne for less than a year and yet, in that short time, he brought about one of the greatest crises in modern royal history. Host Dr. Tracy Borman tells the story of a reluctant king who gave up the throne for love in the shape of American divorcee, Wallis Simpson. We'll look behind closed doors to examine a man who was popular with the public but not with the establishment, investigate his infamous meeting with Adolph Hitler, and show how his decisions in politics and love would haunt him for the rest of his life.

Princess Margaret

S2 E3
May 31, 2020
Princess Margaret, famed younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, was a fashion icon, a drinker, a smoker, and someone who broke the royal mold. The British tabloids loved her, but they also gave a false impression of the princess. She was also a compassionate woman, a lover of music, and the patron or president of over 80 organizations and charities. We go behind closed doors to examine the private life of Margaret. We detail the real reasons her marriage to Lord Snowden broke down, and uncover a secret that was only revealed after her death.

Peter the Great

S2 E4
Jun 07, 2020
As a ruler, Peter the Great's achievements were clearly remarkable, but a look behind closed doors reveals that the man who made them happen was equally extraordinary. Join host Dr. Tracy Borman as she uncovers the Russian emperor's private life to show how his unconventional childhood would go on to produce a very unconventional man. He was a person of contradictions--an enlightened modern thinker and a cruel tyrant--and used both extremes of his personality to transform Russia into the powerful nation it remains to this day.