Season 5

Episode Guide

Taxicab Confessions

S5 E1
Jan 28, 2016
The crew arrives at their beautiful new vacation house in Savannah, Georgia. Lauren and Tiffany struggle to keep an explosive secret from Lyle, while Murray and Hannah must console Mattie... after Daddy calls her Martha.

Lyle's Achy-Breaky Heart

S5 E2
Feb 4, 2016
Tiffany and Lauren tell Lyle devastating news about his fiancée, Santana. In an attempt to woo a woman into bed, Walt plays some sweet, out-of-tune tunes on his guitar. Daddy brings the wrong girl home from the bar.

She Devil Went Down to Georgia

S5 E3
Feb 11, 2016
Murray wraps up his personal business in Mississippi and returns to the house to learn that the girls are still all up in Lyle and Santana's relationship. Murray convinces Santana to come visit so the couple can talk face to face and figure things out.

Southern Discomfort

S5 E4
Feb 18, 2016
The house is divided when a secret comes out about Lyle's fiancé that Tiffany and Lauren have major issues with. Lyle is then forced to make a decision that could change his life forever. Mattie meets a guy who could the be the one she's looking for.

Cowboys and Ninjas

S5 E5
Feb 25, 2016
After healthy input from her roommates Mattie makes a decision regarding her relationship with DJ. Feeling like she's missing out, Hannah invites her boyfriend Cody to the house so she can get some lovin' too. Lyle learns new information from Santana.

True Lies

S5 E6
Mar 3, 2016
Lyle gets a shocking text from Santana. The gang goes ghost hunting and may bring home more than they bargained for. Mattie has to choose between her room mates and her family back home.

Wild Lyle Down

S5 E7
Mar 10, 2016
Wild Lyle returns in full force when the gang decides to take a weekend vacay to a NASCAR race. But after some unexpected news about Santana, Lyle goes off the deep end and lands in an ambulance, rushing to the hospital.

Watermelon, Meet Lartha

S5 E8
Mar 17, 2016
As Lyle spends time in the hospital, Mattie gives Santana a piece of her mind. Lauren flips her lid and the whole kitchen pays for it. But she's got something extra special in mind for Walt. When Murray's friend comes to visit, things get wild.

Single on a Segway

S5 E9
Mar 24, 2016
Lyle Officially breaks it off with Santana over the phone.The crew bets on their Segway race, boys versus girls. The losers must become their opponents' servants for a day. A newly-single Lyle rekindles old desires in Mattie. Will history repeat itself?

Foul Weather Friend

S5 E10
Mar 31, 2016
Bubba surprises Tiffany with an unexpected visit, but Tiffany isn't sure how things will go after their recent arguments. After being rejected by numerous men at the bar, Hurricane Martha threatens the shores of Savannah.

Last Call

S5 E11
Apr 7, 2016
The cast says goodbye to Savannah and to each other for the last time. Old wounds open up between Tiffany and Bubba. Santana attempts to win back Lyle. The crew buries a time capsule in the backyard.

The Final Funnel

S5 E12
Apr 7, 2016
Nothing is off limits as the Party Down South Crew gets together one last time to share their favorite memories and relive their wildest moments from all five vacations together. No hook-up, fist fight, or crazy night of partying will be left unexposed.