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    Paradise Run

    S1 E1 Besties

    Three teams of best friends battle for first place as they dive deep for lost party treasures. Then, they have to dance their way across the resort to serve up some cool Hawaiian treats on the beach.

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Paradise Run
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The picturesque landscape of Hawaii is the backdrop for this series that pits teams of kids against one another in a series of physical challenges. Each episode features three teams racing through an exotic resort to complete challenges that include obstacle courses and water-based adventures. The contestants' teamwork and stamina are tested as they undertake such challenges as racing across the white-sand beach and careening down a five-story waterslide. Completing each section of the course brings the contestants closer to the finish line and the grand prize, a tropical vacation, which is awarded to the winning team. Actress Daniella Monet ("Victorious") hosts the half-hour series.
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Paradise Run