Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Camp-Out/Uma Swing

S1 E1
Apr 2, 2003
Grampu takes Oobi, Kako and Uma camping in the backyard. Oobi is afraid of the Dark, and sounds of the night. / Oobi helps Uma get used to the playground, especially the swings.

Uma Bathroom/Dance Class

S1 E2
Apr 3, 2003
Uma learns about the bathroom, and then doesn't want to leave./Oobi and Uma take a dance class and Grampu joins in.

Kako's Puppy/Uma Birthday

S1 E3
Apr 4, 2003
Oobi takes care of Kako's puppy.


S1 E4
Apr 5, 2003
Grampu serves a special meal that includes a brand new food!

Grampu Day/Make Pizza

S1 E5
Apr 6, 2003
Oobi, Uma, and Kako create a holiday called "Grampu Day."

Showtime/Oobi's Car

S1 E6
Apr 7, 2003
Oobi and Kako decide to put on their own puppet show for Uma!

Garden Day/Piano Lesson

S1 E7
Apr 8, 2003
While waiting for a seed they planted to grow, Oobi, Kako and Uma pretend to be a garden.

Uma Chicken/Sleepover

S1 E8
Apr 9, 2003
Oobi, Kako and Uma play Old McDonald, and pretend to be farm animals. Uma won't stop being a chicken, and all become concerned.

Play Ball/Build Fort

S1 E9
Apr 10, 2003
When Oobi is better than Kako at T-ball, Kako doesn't want to play anymore. Oobi helps Kako get better.

Petting Zoo/New Friend

S1 E10
Apr 11, 2003
Grampu brings Oobi and Kako to the petting zoo.

Uma Sick/Playdate

S1 E11
Apr 12, 2003
Uma wakes up with a cold. Concerned, Oobi and Kako spend the day making sure her every need is taken care of, in hopes of helping her get better.

Make Art/Rainy Day

S1 E12
Apr 13, 2003
Oobi, Uma and Kako make a collage.

Pretend Circus/Make Music

S1 E13
Apr 14, 2003
Oobi, Kako and Uma play pretend circus.


S1 E14
Apr 15, 2003
Grampu suggests that instead of watching a video, the family make a video. Oobi and Uma are thrilled, and Grampu shows them how to shoot and edit a home video. They screen the completed video on the TV and eat popcorn!

Shopping/Uma Dreams

S1 E15
Apr 16, 2003
Grampu takes Oobi and Kako to the fruit stand to buy some fruit. At first, Oobi and Kako make mischief at the fruit stand, but then Grampu helps them learn the importance of respecting other peoples' property.


S1 E16
Apr 17, 2003
The family goes out for Chinese food. A nice waiter named Nick shows the family how to use chopsticks. With persistence, Uma overcomes her frustration and finally learns how to use chopsticks!

Kako Dinner/Sign Language

S1 E17
Apr 18, 2003
Oobi goes to Kako's house where his dad, Popu, prepares a very special meal. Oobi hears new music, tries new foods, and plays some new games. Oobi likes it at Kako's house!

Halloween/Check Up

S1 E18
Apr 19, 2003
Oobi and Uma go trick or treating. It is Uma's first Halloween, and after Oobi teaches her all the rituals, Uma takes Kako under her wing and helps him overcome his fear of Halloween.

Uma Trip/Frieda Friend

S1 E19
Apr 20, 2003
After playing with her toy vehicles, Uma decides she wants to take a trip!

Neighborhood/Uma Preschool

S1 E20
Apr 21, 2003
Oobi and Kako build a small version of their neighborhood out of shoeboxes and paint. They give Uma a tour and explain what everything is. Uma loves the tour, and they all sing a song about their neighborhood!


S1 E21
Apr 22, 2003
This is a musical version of Little Red Riding Hood. The production is staged in the park with Grampu and the neighbors in the audience. Uma plays Little Red Riding Hood, and it's her first time as an actress!

Chez Oobi/Valentine

S1 E22
Apr 23, 2003
Oobi and Kako help prepare a special dinner for Grampu and Inka. Oobi and Kako act as waiters, pretending it's a fancy restaurant. Inka and Grampu have a lovely romantic dinner and invite Oobi and Kako to join them for dessert!


S1 E23
Apr 24, 2003
After seeing a parade poster, Uma wants to be in a parade! With home-made costumes and floats, she leads Oobi and Kako in their very own parade. They march around their block singing with all the neighbors watching!


S1 E24
Apr 25, 2003
Oobi is about to perform at a piano recital at the community hall. He's very confident at first, but when he makes a mistake on stage, he panics and runs offstage.

Nature Walk/Sing

S1 E25
Apr 26, 2003
Grampu takes the kids on a nature walk! They use a checklist to check off the wonderful things they see: some flowers, a chipmunk, and then, much to their delight, they spot an eagle! It is a great day outdoors!


S1 E26
Apr 27, 2003
Grampu takes Oobi fishing! Oobi learns a bit about patience, and finally catches a fish! At first, Oobi is thrilled, but then he feels badly for the fish and persuades Grampu that they should set the fish free.