Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

The Chosen One...Stinks/Not Another Superhero Movie

S1 E1
Apr 6, 2020
Ollie's stinky sweat is a hot commodity in the Monsterverse, and he makes a deal in exchange for it. Ollie, Cleo and Bernie need to make an epic superhero movie to save Portshill Jr High's Film Club.

New Kid on Campus/The Chosen One(s)

S1 E2
Apr 8, 2020
Ollie takes Captain Wowski to school in the pack. CW loves it so much he poses as the new kid the next day. A former Chosen One unexpectedly shows up. Her presence creates a rift between Ollie and his pals.

Lord of the Caf/Doom for Rent

S1 E3
Apr 9, 2020
After recess gets cancelled, Ollie directs Lucius Van Horn to play VP Magna and change up the rules. In hopes of making some extra cash for a Mother's Day gift, Ollie rents his shed to bounty hunters Andre and Bev.

Sorry to Father You/Race to Sploosh Mountain

S1 E4
Apr 9, 2020
Ollie pulls a role model monster dad out of the pack to teach him how to shave for the first time. It's vacation day and Ollie, his mom, and pals pack up the car for a road trip to Sploosh Mountain.

Major Snooch/We're With the Band

S1 E5
Apr 13, 2020
Major Snooch comes out of the pack to test Ollie as the Chosen One and evaluate CW as a guardian. Ollie pulls rocker monsters out of the pack for Battle of The Bands, attracting Andre and Bev.

King Swelly Belly/Yard Sale Fail

S1 E6
Apr 14, 2020
Ollie and monster gut slug, Jeffrey, team up to help one another win an eating contest and find love. After Ollie's mom sells his beloved preschool toys at a yard sale, he and CW investigate the suspected buyers.

Cleo for President/The Janitor

S1 E7
Apr 15, 2020
When Cleo runs for class president, Ollie summons Courtney Poweredge from the pack to be her campaign manager. Nobody but Ollie suspects that the new school janitor is a monster.

Charmed and Dangerous/Science Unfair

S1 E8
Apr 16, 2020
Ollie and his friends save VP Magna from beautiful monster Buene Brillo, who pursues him for his good looks. Ollie summons a monster, in hopes of helping Bernie impress Mr. Pandey with his robot at the Science Fair.

Hollie Monitor/Sister Save Me

S1 E9
May 11, 2020
After a series of locker vandalism, Ollie becomes hall monitor and summons a sheriff monster from the pack. While Ollie is out of commission with a swollen ankle, Pyper takes on the job of Chosen One.

Cool Hand Wowski/Big Bern

S1 E10
May 12, 2020
After Ollie and Captain Wowski have a spat, CW is mistaken for a stray cat and gets captured by Animal Control. Preparing to meet a bully after school, Bernie finds a monster device in CW's closet that can help him.

Ollie Dogs/Camp Magna

S1 E11
May 14, 2020
Ollie offers a monster realm condiment for his hot dog stand, accidentally causing weird side effects. Ollie and his classmates go on a camping trip. Ollie uses the pack to avoid roughing it, attracting Andre and Bev.

The Chosening/Crush it Ollie

S1 E12
Jun 29, 2020
When Ollie blames Wowski for not prepping him for a Chosen One test, they have a falling out. When Ollie is paired with Ivy for a science class project, he tries to shake his slacker image to impress her.

Ollie Doubles Down/The Great Grade Grab

S1 E13
Jun 30, 2020
Ollie convinces Van Horne to play him in detention so he can chase down and pack a garbage-eating blob monster. When Bernie gets accepted to a gifted school, the trio decides to pull a heist and lower his grades.

Chancy Rancy/The Monsters V. Ollie Allen

S1 E14
Jul 1, 2020
When monster bounty hunter, Ashlor shows up looking for Ollie and his pals, they hide out with Rance. Ollie finds himself on trial, in monster court for misusing the pack.

History of Portshill/Trio's a Crowd

S1 E15
Jul 2, 2020
Ollie summons Lucius Van Horn to act as the Sasquatch, to amp up Portshill's history. When Ollie and Bernie get wrapped up in a video game, Cleo befriends a monster, named Trina.

Ollie's Monster Club/Ollie's Shadow

S1 E16
Sep 21, 2020
Ollie tracks down a vindictive monster who is vandalizing Portshill and trying to pin it on him. Ollie's feelings about Turner unleashes a shadow monster that gets its power from negativity.

Slice of Life/Goodnight, Sleep Fright

S1 E17
Sep 22, 2020
When Ollie throws a pizza slice into his pack, a monster comes looking for revenge after his world is destroyed. Ollie's insecurity gets him stuck in his dreams after summoning the Dream Wheezy to help him sleep.

Ollie in the House/The Ollie Files

S1 E18
Sep 23, 2020
After getting grounded, Ollie is stuck alone in the house with no backpack and an angry moth monster. Ollie panics when two nosy government agents show up to investigate possible monsters in Portshill.

Sour Power/Birthday Shmirthday: A Cleo Badette Documentary

S1 E19
Sep 24, 2020
When Ollie becomes obsessed with a sour candy challenge, he convinces monster Jeffrey to eat the candy for him. Told in documentary style, Cleo films Ollie's preparations for Bernie's surprise birthday party.

Lil' Baby Ollie/Nightmare Frightscare!

S1 E20
Oct 17, 2020
Ollie impresses the coolest kids in school but now he's got to watch a scary movie featuring his biggest fear, geese. It's Halloween, Ollie and his pals go to a spook-filled house in pursuit of full sized chocolate bars.

Separation Anxiety/The Take Over

S1 E21
Dec 14, 2020
After Bev and Andre split up as bounty hunting partners, Ollie decides to help Andre get back on his feet. Ollie gets a computer monster, CAGE, to write an essay for him, but the essay is too good, and the monster too evil.

Release the Hound/Cube is the Loneliest Number

S1 E22
Dec 15, 2020
Bernie pleads with Ollie and Cleo to let him keep a gross doglike monster they are intending to pack. When Ashlor traps Ollie, Bernie, Cleo and Wowski, Ollie figures out how to escape to the Dark Cube.

Getting Oldie With It/Sick Day

S1 E23
May 3, 2021
After Ollie, Cleo and Bernie use an age-up monster to get into the movies, Bernie experiences the joys of being old. Ollie fakes sick to skip school, and contracts a monster sickness that goes too far.

Unblocking Bernie/Photo Finished

S1 E24
May 4, 2021
Bernie develops writers block while trying to draw the next chapter of his comic book, Niceness Guy. Hoping to finally get a good school photo, Ollie summons Nosphotoratu from the pack to take his picture.

Time Warped/Inspector Ollie Allen

S1 E25
May 5, 2021
When Cleo's joke bombs in class, she convinces Ollie to use a time reversing monster so she can have a redo. After watching an Inspector Whale Mysteries cartoon, life imitates "art" when a monster haunts the new mini putt.

Back to the Pack: Part One/Back to the Pack: Part Two

S1 E26
May 6, 2021
Ollie accidentally tears his pack while trying to find out about his dad, and the tear causes a portal to open. Ollie jumping into the pack with the pack causes the fabric of space and time to unravel in weird ways.